Barcelona: don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

Barcelona is about to make the same mistake it made when it signed Neymar 4 years ago. And it’s painful to watch.


The Neymar Saga: A Question of Priorities

Neymar Jr., since his very first day as an FC Barcelona player, has been labelled as the man to lead the Catalan club when it’s time for the greatest player to ever grace the game, Lionel Messi, to hang up his boots. Skill-wise, it’s been crystal clear that Neymar has what it takes to be crowned as the world’s best. The only question has always been when because it’s not up to Neymar as much as it is to Messi. Neymar’s time will come when age catches up with the Argentine, not sooner.


Help Wanted!

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Match Preview: The Catalan Derby

The string of winter matches between FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol last season, in both Copa and Liga, were emotional markers for both squads. The brutality of these encounters, epitomized by Pau Lopez’ intentional stomp on Leo Messi, underscored the animosity between the teams and their respective fans. It also made it clear that with the exception of the Clásico, these Catalan derbies are two of the most intense matches of the season. I was in Barcelona for these matches last year, and the sense of anticipation was palpable.

This year, as Barcelona host Espanyol for the first time in La Liga, there is another layer of hostility to add to the mix. Luis Enrique and Espanyol coach Quique Sánchez Flores are bitter enemies due to events of nearly 20 years ago when the players were teammates at Real Madrid.

This creates a charged backdrop for 90 minutes of football, and an experience for fans that defines the Spanish word Morbo: “ghoulish delight.”


Barça Art: FootyGraphic in the Spotlight!


So, yet another International Break: we’re all bored to tears without our favorite team! Pass the time admiring the amazing creations of FootyGraphic, a modest store clerk turned football design superstar! This is the second in an ongoing series featuring work from the Barça edit community. This interview was conducted in late September via email. Hope you enjoy it!


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sergi Roberto

This is a repost of an article originally featured on our site last season by Sameer Riyaz about the potential rise of Sergi Roberto. It’s a very interesting read, especially in light of Roberto’s ascent to stardom this season. And also because Sameer is such a great writer. He concluded: “As things presently stand, the simple fact of the matter, unpalatable though it may be, is that Sergi Roberto’s future at the club is the brightest out of all La Masia prospects bar none.” How’s that for prescience? Enjoy the article!


Barça Art: the amazing creations of @Cule_Dzn

The amazing creations of the football edits community have been a revelation for us at totalBarça this season, and if you follow our Twitter account you’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve been featuring the best work we come across. We decided to take this one step further and put together a series of short interviews with some of our favorite Barça-focused artists. These posts will showcase some amazing artwork, and explore the relationship between art and football fandom.