The totalBarça Project

On totalBarça’s third anniversary, totalBarça began its journey to fulfil its vision – to be a socially responsible organization that contributes to UNICEF.

totalBarça’s philanthropic initiative, known as The totalBarça Project, has been a long-standing goal since the organisation’s inception on September 15, 2009. The first contribution to UNICEF took place on totalBarça’s third birthday, on September 15, 2012, in the amount of $500.

From September 15, 2012, totalBarça strives to contribute to UNICEF on a quarterly basis of at least $500.

Every member of totalBarça is extremely proud of this milestone. More importantly, every reader, friend, and fan who is part of the totalBarça community should also be extremely proud of this achievement. Every person and entity plays a part and the team at totalBarça could not be more thrilled.

For more information on totalBarça, please visit here.

Visca Barça.