Match Review: The Copa final awaits!


As expected, tonight’s Copa del Rey semi-final felt more like a friendly fixture. A tremendous performance by FC Barcelona a week ago at the Camp Nou rendered the tie moot, providing Luis Enrique with a rare chance to rest his key players. Gary Neville, the man fighting hard to keep his job, also saw the game as no more than a chance to rest his players as well. There was no way Valencia were ever going to comeback from a seven-goal deficit against the treble winners, and Neville’s acceptance of that reality could potentially serve him better than a useless attempt at restoring pride.


Preview: A throw-away 90 minutes


At the time of writing Gary Neville is still the manager of Valencia. This won’t change before his side fruitlessly attempt to salvage a seven goal disadvantage tomorrow night and won’t change regardless of the result afterwards. That sounds snarky but actually I will always stand by a strategy that gives managers time when patience in football appears abhorred. That all said, the Neville experiment continuous to explode in Peter Lim’s face – he has overseen no wins in 9 league games now, been behind in every occasion, oversaw the heaviest cup defeat since 1928 and Valencia now lie just 4 points from relegation. Mixing friends and business is renowned risky business, Mr. Lim.


Gary gazumped, Valencia vanquished

David Ramos/Getty Images Europe

Post today’s game, a good friend of mine who watches football from time to time sent me the following message:

“How is the communication between the front three so good? Poor Valencia, it should be illegal for ‘MSN’ to play that well”. I think those sentiments sum up yesterday’s game, from a neutral point of view at least, quite well.


Preview: Not hot on Gary


To say Gary Neville doesn’t know football would be silly. But to say Gary Neville has not been a calamity at Valencia is equally silly. Neville took control of Los Ches on December 2, 2015 and since has managed them to 5 wins, 5 draws and 3 defeats. Okay, on the face of it, that’s not entirely awful. Although, as is mostly the case numbers can’t be taken on face value. Say Cristiano Ronaldo’s season goals for example. Those wins have all been in the Copa del Rey against 18th place Granada and Las Palmas. The defeats read Villarreal (away), Real Sociedad (away) and Sporting Gijón (home). But really it’s how Valencia have played. Though unlucky to lose over the weekend to Gijón, in a match Neville described as their best under him, for most his tenure Valencia have looked a team without a plan. And that’s precisely what Barça is not. Absolutely assured in their identity and abilities, Barça will only add to Neville’s steep learning curve.


Preview: Don’t go gaga over Gary


It’s been some week at Valencia. Beginning last Sunday, the spirit was knocked out of Nuno Espirito Santo as he announced his resignation following another insipid defeat and, more importantly, rancid performance against Sevilla. In actuality, Nuno had “decided” to resign following a morning meeting with Valencia owner Peter Lim but kept his “dead man walking” status from his players.

Though Nuno and Valencia put on a strong showing in his debut season, this campaign has seen just five wins in 13 league games and only two wins in Europe, leaving the club on the verge of being dumped out the Champions League by virgin participants Gent. The crux of this story, however, is shrouded in rumors of a power struggle underway at the Mestalla. The question for FC Barcelona is whether tomorrow evening’s game in Valencia remains the most difficult away fixture of the season.