A Series of Unfortunate Events

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The defeat to Madrid in this year’s Spanish Supercup hurt more than any other previous defeat. Not because we lost to Madrid – El Clasico is always a 50-50 affair – but because the signs of a decaying squad were on full display. Los Blancos have players like Isco and Kovacic available to bring off the bench, while we’re stuck with Alcacer and Gomes.

And this is where the problem starts.


It’s a matter of perspective

FC Barcelona, for all intents and purposes, is a desperate club right now. The Neymar transfer debacle has ended, and now the team wants to sign players to reinforce the squad and replace him.

So why are they so bad at it?


Barcelona: don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

Barcelona is about to make the same mistake it made when it signed Neymar 4 years ago. And it’s painful to watch.


It’s how he left

It’s finally over (for the most part). Neymar Jr. was officially presented as a Paris Saint-Germain player as the summer’s most discussed transfer saga finally came to a close. The last two and a half weeks have seen a multitude of newspaper headlines, tweets and articles being written in discussion of his transfer: Would he do it? Surely he wouldn’t give up everything he had to go to a ‘smaller’ club? Was it all about the money? We’ve now had a little bit of time to absorb all the happenings and make up our own mind about the answers to these questions and a lot of the others doing the rounds on social media. The predicament this writer is in right now, however, is that being a fan of both the player and the club, it’s not those questions that are bothering him.


Is Barça doing ‘bad business’?

-66, -2, -85, -73, -32. These five numbers crudely offer an impression of FC Barcelona’s net transfer spending over the past five seasons. In a brutally quick analysis of these five figures, one can say that Barcelona is a club that every year pays extraordinarily high amounts of money for players, only recouping a tiny amount from sales. That is true, but the million-dollar question is, does this constitute bad business?


Managing Anticipation: Our Hopes and Dreams for the New Season

Being one game into our 2016/2017 campaign it is a fair time to look ahead and see what we have in store for us, the good Culés of the world that lose sleep over a spherical object not reaching an anticipated net. Also known as fans, we all share one thing in common in August – none of us are losers. At least not yet. We spend the summer first either rejoicing and basking in the glory, for a few, or analyzing what went wrong, for the rest.


Two years in, Luis Enrique needs to begin planning for the future

With the signing of Samuel Umtiti, the return of Denis Suárez, and the imminent renewal of Javier Mascherano, Barça fans seem relatively happy about the start of the transfer window so far. While the rest of the window may yield a different conclusion, these first few signings hint at an interesting question: is Luis Enrique finally ready to plan for Barça’s long-term future?


Summer 2016: A golden chance

Copa del Rey final. Barcelona’s European internationals have left to join up with their national sides ahead of EURO 2016, the South Americans have left for the States in order to battle it all out in the Copa America Centenario, and those with no commitments have already started their holidays. For one man though, the end of Barça’s season signified the start of a crucial period. We are of course talking about the club’s technical secretary, Robert Fernández, who faces his first summer in charge of the blaugrana transfer dossier.


Redesigning the bench

Barça’s rocky season is finally over, with yet another historical league title and the club’s 28th Copa del Rey sealed to end this magnificent season with a double. And now that the season is over, football fans shift their attention to the summer segment of the beautiful game – the transfer window. And luckily, for the first time since the summer of 2014, Barça will have a transfer window open to all sorts of possibilities, which means transfers are inevitable.