Focusing on the good things


We are always trying different things at totalBarça. Some things end up working, some things not so much. For the next little while we will become a little more focused in providing you Barça-related news. You will notice some changes but hopefully all will contribute to your enjoyment of continuing to be part of our culé community. Some changes will be around the type of content we will post on the site. Some changes will be about how much more we will do on social media channels. So please join us – on site and on social. And thanks for your continued support!


totalBarça for Christmas?

totalBarca Shirt on turf

We have had some great support from the community with the sales of our totalBarça shirt. Thanks to those who have purchased it in support of our site and more importantly, in support of UNICEF. For the casual or serious Barça fan, don’t forget to include it as part of their Christmas surprise (if you celebrate the season). To ensure you (or they) get it in time for the holidays, please order it as per the below shipping timeframes:


Contest: El Clásico


Only a few days remain before the 2015/16 season’s first clasico is underway. In anticipation of the clash, we are excited to be hosting a flash giveaway contest. The contest starts Friday at 12:01am CET and the entry window will close at 11:59am CET, during the clasico. The randomly drawn winner will earn themselves a totalBarça t-shirt and will be notified via their email address. Have fun and good luck. Visca!

Enter the contest after the jump.


Designed to Fundraise: A piece of totalBarça

totalBarca Shirt on turf

We are on the cusp of celebrating our sixth birthday here at totalBarça and that is something we are extremely proud of. Obviously, without a doubt, the biggest thanks goes to all of you. Behind all the writing, opinions and pieces that we post for the community, at the end end of the day we really just want you to enjoy our offerings. And for Barça to kick some serious a**!

In the past, there have been some gracious people (and organizations) that were willing to donate money to our operations and to be part of The totalBarça Project. We cannot bring ourselves to take from any one person or any single entity. It’s just not what we do here (and will hopefully never have to). Not in that way, at least. What we are doing instead is hopefully something you will all take in and enjoy. We partnered with some of the nicest and most professional folks in the industry and have come up with a fundraising initiative to further our efforts for The totalBarça Project and in contributing to UNICEF.


Editor Wanted

totalBarca Business Card

Just as Luis Enrique’s men are on the hunt for another shiny trophy, totalBarça too is looking to achieve new heights in its coverage of FC Barcelona this season. Unlike Lucho, however, we do not need to take advantage of crafty loopholes to overcome a transfer ban.

totalBarça is pleased to announce that we are looking to add an editor to our roster, preferably in the EST or CET time zones.

An editor is responsible for editing the news and analysis pieces written by writers, paying special attention to style, grammar, and totalBarça guidelines.

The applicant must be:

  • Fluent in English.
  • Available to edit during CET evening hours (ideally from 8 pm CET onwards).
  • Able to provide content review/editing examples during application process.

If you fit the criteria and feel like this is something that you would enjoy, please apply hereIf you are a suitable candidate, we will contact you and continue with your application.