Café con leche: All for one, and one for Barça?


The Three Musketeers?

If one were to put aside their preferred candidate and observe the ongoing presidential elections with a semblance of neutrality, they might find difficulty in precisely delineating one set of promises from the other. La Masia, L’Espai Barça, a club-endorsed travelling agency, and even Paul Pogba, have all ostensibly become the pillars upon the foundation of each candidate’s platform.

With that in mind, Joan Laporta’s bombastic suggestion for Toni Freixa and Agustí Benedito to “join forces” and form a rather unholy coalition can perhaps be conceptually reconciled. Indeed the former president wasn’t wide of the mark with his assessment when he declared that “all the candidates with the exception of Josep Maria Bartomeu could go together [in the elections].”