Ousmane Who? Semedo shows exactly why he’s Alves’ heir apparent

Let’s get one thing clear from the get-go: Ousmane Dembele is one of the most talented players in world football, and this writer’s first-choice signing to replace Neymar when the Brazilian announced his departure. The young Frenchman playing alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez is a tantalizing prospect, one which, when Dembele adapts to his new teammates, will bear great fruit for Ernesto Valverde.

The fact is, though, that against Juventus FC there was another player, also signed this summer, who impressed in a position where Barca have had a lot of trouble over the past couple of seasons. Nelson Semedo was bought and presented at Barcelona without too much fanfare and early rumours surrounding the Portuguese full-back stated that he was ‘worse than Douglas’. It’s safe to say that the Juve game put such rumours firmly into the metaphorical trash can, where they belong, as Semedo was a key component in a comprehensive performance by Valverde’s men. To put into context just how impressive Semedo has been, and how much Barca have needed a player like him, there’s a need to understand exactly why the right-back role has been such a problem for the club. A big part of that problem, ironically, was Dani Alves, and just how good he was at doing exactly what was needed of him at the right time.


Match Review: FC Barcelona vs Juventus

On Wednesday March 8, Barcelona fans and football fans alike witnessed one of the greatest sporting comebacks ever seen. A comeback against a team, despite their tendency to bottle big European nights, who are definitely considered Champions League heavyweights, Paris Saint-German. Coming back against the Parisians at the Camp Nou always felt far fetched, but never impossible. The French side, who have regularly showed their weaknesses in big moments in Europe, seemed very vulnerable from kick-off in the second leg in Catalonia. Tonight we saw that Juventus are no Paris Saint-German.


Can it happen?

Yes, I know about PSG and that historic comeback. That was truly something special, a magical night at the Camp Nou when we witnessed something that had never happened before. A 6-1 win after being 4-0 down? A stoppage time winner that saw a stadium of nearly 100,000 explode? Sergi Roberto will forever have a special place in the hearts of all Barça fans. Neymar’s undying faith that anything can happen fueled his wonderful play. It was one of the greatest nights in football history – unless you’re a PSG fan, of course.

But la Juve is a different beast altogether.