Benedito Offers Barça a Glimmer of Hope

While hashtag trends are gaining popularity on social media and messages are reaching the club, there’s something else going on behind the scenes – something that’s part of the bigger picture.

Back in June this year, Agusti Benedito (the man in the photo above) told the media that he was starting a vote of no-confidence against Barcelona’s board due to Sandro Rosell’s and Josep Bartomeu’s institutional mismanagement of the club. The Rosell-Bartomeu era has been full of corruption, shady deals, and a murder of the values of the club. This can be clearly seen from the fact that Sandro Rosell (president from 2010-2014) was thrown into jail for money-laundering in May after stepping down from the club due to the everything that happened during the Neymar transfer. (Rosell hid the cost of Neymar using false contracts – something that can put you in jail in Spain for up to 6-years). When Rosell resigned, his vice-president Bartomeu stepped up and nothing changed for the club.