Designed To Fundraise: A piece of totalBarça

totalBarca Shirt on turf

We are on the cusp of celebrating our sixth birthday here at totalBarça and that is something we are extremely proud of. Obviously, without a doubt, the biggest thanks goes to all of you. Behind all the writing, opinions and pieces that we post for the community, at the end end of the day we really just want you to enjoy our offerings. And for Barça to kick some serious a**!

In the past, there have been some gracious people (and organizations) that were willing to donate money to our operations and to be part of The totalBarça Project. We cannot bring ourselves to take from any one person or any single entity. It’s just not what we do here (and will hopefully never have to). Not in that way, at least. What we are doing instead is hopefully something you will all take in and enjoy. We partnered with some of the nicest and most professional folks in the industry and have come up with a fundraising initiative to further our efforts for The totalBarça Project and in contributing to UNICEF.


The totalBarça Project: UNICEF Contribution #12

Unicef Logo

totalBarça is pleased to announce that it has contributed its 12th donation to UNICEF in the amount of $500 via The totalBarca Project. This brings our tally to $6,000.00 in a span of just over two years.

We could not be more proud of the culés, partners, and staff that make up the totalBarça community. We hope you will all continue to support this site and its vision to support such meaningful projects as UNICEF.