The Messi era at Barça is among the best in history

By wrapping up the Liga with Saturday’s win against Granada CF, FC Barcelona secured its sixth league title in eight years. There’s nothing inherently special about six in eight. It’s an arbitrary range that begins with the exit of Ronaldinho and, consequently, the beginning of the Lionel Messi epoch. Pep Guardiola took over in the summer of 2008, sold a few of the team’s most celebrated players, and focused the team’s attack around then 21-year old Messi. Since that summer, Barça have won six league titles and three Champions League trophies, as well as a bunch of other cups history cares less about.


The one that got away

Of all the phony feelings sport produces, regret is dumbest. These are games, and they don’t matter, and for the most part, nobody gets seriously hurt. We should enjoy it. We shouldn’t let it stress us out.

Still, it isn’t as if I listen to that wisdom. Supporting a team, even one as dominant as FC Barcelona, entails its share of agony, and yes, regret. Even now, on the verge of a double, there are things I want to change. The psychosis runs that deep.


Nobody fails like Pep

There is something spectacular about watching Pep Guardiola fail. Whether against Chelsea with Barcelona in 2012, against Barça last season, or against Atlético Madrid just two days ago, he does it in the most amazing ways.