totalBarça’s mission is to develop totalBarca.com to become the ultimate destination for all who have an interest in FC Barcelona. The organization’s vision is to be socially responsible while wholeheartedly contributing to UNICEF via The totalBarça Project.

In 2009, we started out as a simple FC Barcelona blog. Since then, totalBarça has turned into a strong community of FC Barcelona fans and supporters. The community is a global one and we encourage everyone to get to know each other, tastefully express your thoughts and share all your culé experiences here. Visca!


Aara Ramesh, India

Aara was taught early on to appreciate the beauty of the game, though at first she mostly just appreciated the beauty of Fernando Torres. Curiosity about Leo Messi drew her to Barcelona and breath-taking football made her stay. Being an editor at totalBarça helps her combine her passion for the team with an embarrassing love for commas. Her current goals include moving to Barcelona to watch Messi play, witnessing Liverpool win the Premier League, and convincing her brother to stop supporting Chelsea.

Aditya Pandya, India

Aditya (@adityapandya) is the Founder of totalBarça, where he spends a lot of time on strategy and product. Before founding totalBarça, Aditya spent two years with fringe Barcelona projects and forums. Based out of New Delhi, he is a culé to boot and enjoys having passionate discussions around all things Barça. In his day job, Aditya is a senior product manager building apps for mobile-first markets. His interests include (but are not limited to): sampling brews, travelling, gender politics, South East Asian cuisine, cats, design, high definition music and Spanish club football.

Bryan Leung, Canada

Bryan (@bryanytl) learned what FC Barcelona was during his undergrad days (long, long time ago) from a friend who was a Manchester United fan. Fitting isn’t it? But it wasn’t until some years later until he became a loyal fan of the Blaugrana. He has never been to Barcelona, has never seen the team play live in-stadium, nor do neither of those things matter to him. The philosophy of the club is all that matters, which is the main reason why he got so entrenched in being part of the culé community. Bryan is inspired by the team that he works with at totalBarça and looks forward to sharing the organization’s unique contributions to all sporting and philanthropic corners of the globe.

Dave Stevenson, USA

Dave spent a lot of time in Spain, but his memories always come back to a winter in Barcelona in the late 1990s. During that time, he made weekly pilgrimages to the Bar Bambi II where he became acquainted with Luis Enrique, Rivaldo, Luis Figo and Patrick Kluivert. He watched the team’s exploits in the company of drunks, thieves, clueless tourists, and passionate fans, all united under the banner of the beautiful game. 1998 and 1999 were epic years for the club, and he continued to follow the team after returning to San Francisco. He’s gone back to Barcelona many times since then, and some of his favourite evenings have been of spent in the company of fellow culés in modest watering holes, watching the team we love. Writing for totalBarça connects him concretely with Catalonia, and with a present in which Barcelona represents the zenith of modern football. These are glorious times for Barcelona fans around the world, and he feels privileged to help share them with all of you.

Eric Coffin-Gould, USA 

Eric is a senior writer and Content Development Lead for totalBarça. He fell in love with Barcelona while in college and joined the totalBarça team in 2013, the same year he made his first pilgrimage to Camp Nou. Since then he has graduated, taught literature in India, attended his first clásico, and now moved to the Bay Area to work in public relations. Aside from totalBarça, he has a passion for brick oven pizza, spoken word poetry, and the occasional crunching tackle in midfield.

Jacob Scheel-Kruger, Denmark

Born into a family of football Jacob has always had his interest in the sport and has been playing at a semi-professional level age 17-19. Family influence, the history around the club, the many great players and a trip to Barcelona made him fall in love. Of course fellow Danish legends such as Allan Simonsen and Michael Laudrup has had an effect as well. His daily responsibilities are to keep the world updated on the social medias about the daily work done at totalBarça and the matches.

Mujtaba Khan, Canada

Mujtaba (@MujtaBATMAN) is an Opinion and News Writer for totalBarça. Also a 4th year engineering student at McGill University in Canada, his interest in the game began with Thierry Henry and his move to Catalunya, but the obsession grew to its current state largely thanks to a certain little Argentine. His aspirations include meeting Messi before he hangs up his boots, moving to Barcelona temporarily and opening up a successful restaurant (possibly Barça themed as well). He is extremely proud to be a member of such a talented and dedicated team, and hopes to become an important part of it.

Savvas Marcou, Cyprus

Savvas (or Savi) is a writer for totalBarça. Currently totalBarça’s youngest member, Savi has been the site’s youth writer since 2013. Savi got his first real taste of Barça when he watched the 2009 Champions League final, and since then he’s been a culé all over. When Savi is not watching, reading or writing about Barça, he does some high school work, gets involved in all sorts of school activities, travels Europe with his classmates, plays video games with friends, and stands between the sticks for the school’s team. Savi’s dream of watching Barça at the Camp Nou will come true this summer, barring any nasty surprises of course.

Youssef Khalifa, Egypt

Youssef started following FC Barcelona since 2004/2005 when Ronaldinho was on fire. He suddenly took notice that it was not just playing football, there was a style that mattered more than winning. He started loving the club more and persuaded many friends to start following Barça. Since the arrival of Pep, he has become a true, dedicated culé and never misses a game, not even a friendly. Youssef visited the Camp Nou many times but could attend two matches. He was lucky enough to attend a match during Guardiola’s era which was against Getafe (4-0) with fellow tB writers, Youssef Awwad and Aly. The other match was not so pleasant which was against FC Bayern München and ended in a 0-3 defeat.


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