Player Ratings: FC Barcelona vs. Real Betis

We are all Barcelona. The city needed a victory and the club delivered in the fashion of a two to nil victory over Real Betis. Incredibly the thing the match missed the most was a goal by the great Lionel Messi. FC Barcelona dominated the match, but things could have been much different if not

A game of perspective: An analysis on the start of the season

The first game of the league season is officially out of the way and as culés we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better start in terms of both results and performance. After honouring the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Barcelona and playing with Barcelona not just in their hearts, but on the

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Note: This is a post by our new writer Yazdan Basir. You can congratulate [or argue with] him on Twitter [email protected]_basir. He blogs as ThoughtBox. Check out his previous work here.   The defeat to Madrid in this year’s Spanish Supercup hurt more than any other previous defeat. Not because we lost to Madrid – El

It’s a matter of perspective

FC Barcelona, for all intents and purposes, is a desperate club right now. The Neymar transfer debacle has ended, and now the team wants to sign players to reinforce the squad and replace him. So why are they so bad at it?

The 222 Million Euro Question

You’re one of the biggest football clubs in the world and are heading smoothly towards the start of a promising season when, without any warning, one of your star players leaves. You now have 222 million Euros added to your bank balance and only a month to not only replace said star player, but plug

Barcelona: don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

Barcelona is about to make the same mistake it made when it signed Neymar 4 years ago. And it’s painful to watch.

It’s how he left

It’s finally over (for the most part). Neymar Jr. was officially presented as a Paris Saint-Germain player as the summer’s most discussed transfer saga finally came to a close. The last two and a half weeks have seen a multitude of newspaper headlines, tweets and articles being written in discussion of his transfer: Would he

There’s life after Neymar

Nine years ago, I had a huge feeling of sadness. On July 16 2008, Ronaldinho left Barcelona for AC Milan. At 10 years of age, this was very hard to take. One of my favourite players, a player that lit up the Camp Nou from my first trips to the great stadium, was leaving my

The Neymar Saga: A Question of Priorities

Neymar Jr., since his very first day as an FC Barcelona player, has been labelled as the man to lead the Catalan club when it’s time for the greatest player to ever grace the game, Lionel Messi, to hang up his boots. Skill-wise, it’s been crystal clear that Neymar has what it takes to be

This post is about nothing…

… and everything. Maybe it’s time for a moment of reflection. All the news floating around has made things difficult, but let’s try to take it in. Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.