Preview: FC Barcelona v Málaga CF

Tomorrow the La Liga restarts for FC Barcelona with kickoff for matchday 12. This time Málaga CF visit the Camp Nou and it’s the first match since the last international break in 2016. The match kicks off at 4.15pm CET. Though Barcelona are huge favorites; don’t underrate Malaga. They always come prepared for a tough played match.

Barcelona are looking to put pressure on the two Madrid teams with a win. They will clash in El Derbi madrileño tomorrow at 8.45pm CET at Estadio Vicente Calderón. The team will look to continue their recent La Liga form and stretch their four match win streak.

Malaga are placed somewhat typically mid-table, though they certainly are looking up, only two points behind seventh place, Ath. Bilbao. It will be interesting to watch former Barcelona striker Sandro Ramirez, as he has been on fire so far this season with four goals in the last five matches. He has five in total so far.


Recent form

Barcelona last match:

Starting XI: ter Stegen – Digne, Umtiti, Mascherano, Roberto –Rakitic (Gomes 73′), Busquets, Suarez (Rafinha 86′) – Neymar, Suarez, Messi

Result: 2-1 win against Sevilla, goal by Messi (43′) and Suarez (61’)

Barcelona last 5 matches: W-L-W-W-W

Malaga last match:

Starting XI: Kameni – Rosales, Torres, Villanueva (Duda), Carlos – Camacho, Fornals – Castro, Juanpi (Ontiveros), Jony (Santos) – Ramirez.

Result: 3-2 win against Gijon

Malaga last 5 matches: W-L-W-D-W


Team news

Barcelona will miss Luis Suarez due to a suspension. Umtiti is suffering form the muscle injury he obtained during his stay with the French national team. Iniesta most likely will not play, as Luis Enrique doesn’t want to pressure him. Other than these, expect Alba, Pique and Roberto to rejoin the team this weekend.

Malaga will also miss key player Ignacio Camacho due to a suspension. Keko, Kuzmanovic, Recio and Weligton are all injured and will not play. Diego Llorente might return from injury, as he has been featured in the squad.


Match Prediction

A (hopefully comfortable) 2-0 win for Barça.

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  • James Anderson

    The preview is good, logistic… thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Kneowell Anyanwu

    Neymar looks jetlagged, not sharp at all

    • Eivind Niclasen

      He also looked jetlagged prior to the international break. Did he look jetlagged during the humbling of Argentina? Absolutely not. He is bored at Barca, even retaining a pokerface expression during goal celebrations. Perhaps that has to do with him no longer being a goal threat when wearing the red and blue of his employer.

      • Kneowell Anyanwu

        Lol, stop being theatrical Elvind, Neymar is always happy playing football and he tries to have fun doing so, did you see how he left that malaga fullback lying flat on his back? He’s not bored IMO, he just needs some rest, if I were lucho I would start arda at his position against celtic so as to give him a full week’s rest before anoeta, arda plays well as LF, I’m sure hopefully messi and suarez will be available against celtic.

  • Eivind Niclasen

    1. Barca is nothing without Messi and Iniesta.
    2. Alcacer is a mammoth flop signing.
    3. The league is out of reach. Better focus on the CL this season.
    4. In spite of Malaga having two players sent off, we were massively robbed today. A stonewall penalty not given and Barca having a perfectly legitimate goal disallowed.

    • Grega Kavčič

      I think we could miss LE and get a real coach…

      Otherwise it’s a Messi thing this barca. He would have unlocked malaga in 15minutes yesterday, they were nowhere near good enough for a draw. Very poorly played. Paco was lost, Messi could have fed him.

      PS. Praising Pique for yesterdays attacking display? He was a complete mess and made other players totaly confused and took good chances off of Paco’s feet. :/

  • Kneowell Anyanwu

    This is one hard luck, the boys did all they could especially in the second half. Proud of them, hoping for a similar result between atletico and madrid

    • Eivind Niclasen

      A deflected freekick, a penalty dive and a tap-in. Hence Ronaldo being hailed as God´s gift to football yet again by his English admirers. The league is well and truly lost with the re-emergence of messidependencia. Neymar becomes invincible when he pulls on the yellow shirt of the Celecao, while becoming invisible during his dayjob at the Camp Nou. With Suarez firing blanks, MSN is now reduced to M. Perhaps M.I.A would be a more fitting acronym for two thirds of our illustrious forward line.

      • Kneowell Anyanwu

        Lol Elvind, I haven’t forgotten your usual frustration anytime we lose or drawn, 4 points ahead after match day 12 doesn’t make the league lost, remember you said the same thing last season and the season before anytime madrid goes ahead of us, but we both know how the last 2 seasons ended. Don’t forget that 2 seasons ago madrid went 22 games unbeaten run and still lost the league. Stop being bitter about Ronaldo as he’s only doing his thing, he’s the highest paid footballer on earth so the least you would expect is a good performance which he put up against atletico irrespective of the goals, doesn’t make him any better than messi does it?

        Messidependencia? I wouldn’t really call it that cos this looks like one of those games we would have drawn anyways even if the whole of MSN played, don’t forget that Kameni is notorious for putting on a golden glove type performance whenever he plays barca, he plays us as if he’s been promised a huge sum of money, we have drawn or lost to them on several occasions in the last 2 seasons, especially lucho’s first season. And also do not forget that we have won games without messi this season and the season before including a classico (and yes we lost a classico with messi on the pitch) this is not to undermine the capabilities of the best player in the world, but let’s not forget that kameni has reminded us that even messi is human times and times again.

        We played better in the second half as we brought on the intensity, malaga parked 2 buses, a 5 man defence closely packed that became 6 after their first red card, they closed all spaces and concentrated well, I would have been worried if we didn’t create chances, but we did create a number with some half chances, we did score a goal (disallowed howbeit) lucho made the right changes, (which was pretty much all we had left on the bench) sending pique upfront and replacing him with a busquet and a rakitic to take busquet’s place was all the rabbit there was to pull out of the bag as Paco also joined the desperate attack line, so we had 3 strikers in the 6 yard box, followed by 2 attackers in and around the 18 yard box surrounded by our full backs and midfielders, we had a legitimate goal disallowed, we had 2 penalties not called, so you were right on that count of we being rubbed. One of those games we’ve been destined not to win.

        Neymar was awful with his passes today though, it was so bad that we had to depend on the combination of arda-rafinha-roberto to find spaces behind the malaga defence, I also thought rakitic would have tried some of his outside-the-box shots, but I won’t blame him that he didn’t cos almost all our shots were met with malaga bodies in the box. Alcacer? Well, he didn’t see much of the ball as he was sandwiched between malaga back 5, he even tried to create for Neymar once who scoofed the ball away, alcacer isn’t a tall character so I won’t expect him to get to the end of those crosses we attempted later in the game, I’m sure lucho would have subbed him for another midfielder if we had any left on the bench (how we miss iniesta) Without Messi and Suarez, I won’t call this a poor performance cos we dominated the game nonetheless, just hard luck.

        • Travis Morphy

          You should be working in the Barca coach staff buddy I wish it worked like that one thing people don’t understand is that every match is a final for Barca these was a hard point earn which will be vital I don’t understand evind Barca is not like Brazil that you bash on these kid but I can remember that same kid winning us a champions league and treble I mean what else do you want. Don’t forget they came back from olympics not long ago and have made so many internationals too so you should give them credit even if they lose these match. I think I know Evind problem it’s the ballon dor stop worrying about it mate Perez already bought it for his puppet we don’t neeed it to know Messi is the best the whole world know who the bes is they just try to make comparison to being nice compition in the game it won’t be nice if Messi alone won it all right came on buddy forget these match let focus on next match nothing is lost yet we still have 6 points to take from our main rival which is Madrid so relax and judge the team after the end of the season. After the end of the season and we go trophyless am sure the board will tak decision as always so calma Evind