Barça Art: FootyGraphic in the Spotlight!


So, yet another International Break: we’re all bored to tears without our favorite team! Pass the time admiring the amazing creations of FootyGraphic, a modest store clerk turned football design superstar! This is the second in an ongoing series featuring work from the Barça edit community. This interview was conducted in late September via email. Hope you enjoy it!

Tell us a little bit about you and your life

I’m 19 years old (turn 20 this Friday!), I live in Tilburg in the Netherlands but I’m moving to Amsterdam as we speak. I’m studying International media and entertainment management and I’m now having my work placement in Amsterdam. Of course I’m a graphic designer otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this interview! Besides my studies I also have a side job just stocking shelves at the supermarket. I’m a season football ticket net’s best games holder at Willem II which is our local club and sometimes I visit away games as well!

For people who might not know: what’s an “edit?”

An edit is a picture that has changed so much that you see real differences between the original picture and the new one, or it is a picture that consists of different pictures put together into one. My goal with making them is just to have some good looking decoration for your phone/desktop or wall.

Lots of fans have interesting stories about how they became attached to FCB. What’s yours?

I think it was in 2006, I was finally allowed to stay up later and was able to watch some Champions League games, it was the season in which Barcelona won, to add to that they also had a really solid team on FIFA which was enough to become attached as a kid.

Later on I’ve gained more in-depth knowledge about the history of the club, about the dutch players who played there, and the influence of Johan Cruijff. I also have been to Barcelona a few times during the summer holidays. I did a stadium tour a couple of times and of course I always was looking for a new shirt! Last year I got to see Barcelona vs AS Roma for the Juan Gamper throphy. It was nice to be in the Camp Nou for a game to watch all these superstars play!

What made you channel your passion for the club into doing edits?

I’ve always been kind off handy with computers and that kind of stuff and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in paint since I was younger. I’ve been inspired by a classmate who was doing designs and from there on I’ve been starting to make my own edits. At first the concept of FootyGraphic (or footwall as it was called back in the day) was that I created everything that was requested, now I’m too busy for that but I’m still trying to do as many big clubs as possible.

Do you have any formal art/design training?

If you count YouTube tutorials then yes, otherwise no. I’ve been playing around and trying things for a long time and doing that in combination with watching YouTube tutorials will get you really far. Sometimes I do feel like I’m just randomly pushing some buttons hoping it will look good but in the end that doesn’t really matter as long as I like what I made.

I also think it’s important to help other people so when people come to me with a question I always try to answer them as best and honest as possible. Sometimes that’s hard because I am not gonna say that I love an edit when I think it’s not that good. I just feel sorry because I know how much time people but into it, but that’s why I always try to give constructive feedback and always point out the things I found positive in the design. In the end positivity and honesty gave me the best information for my edits so that’s what I try to give back to others as well.

Describe your tools and process for an edit.

Most of the times I know which players are good and/or in form. The most important process is searching for a base image. If they are good the edit has already succeeded before starting the editing. After all the work I always ask some people or in some groupchats on Twitter for help. Everyone seems willing to help out so that’s a nice feeling.

What other football artists have captured your eye?

A lot, I keep suprising myself how many people are actually doing football designing, I’d like to point out Visubal who always give edits of high class, and F_edits who I think is very consistant as well. Literally every edit he makes looks good, that inspires me and makes me want to work on the same level.

Finally: let’s dig into one of your favorite pieces and personalize it a bit. Is there a piece that has an interesting story behind it?

I’d go for this one, it’s quite an old one but it was back then quite progressive for me to work with lights and stuff. Behind the technical aspects this edit also has something else I feel is special: the picture of the Camp Nou and the Sagrada Familia were taken by me with my phone. I think that gives the edit just that little bit more for myself, and maybe for others as well now that they know.


Check out more of the artist’s work in the gallery below. You can see more pieces at

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