Dismay on Twitter Over Censoring of Barca Accounts


This is an exclusive translation of a story that ran in Sport this week. Find the original here: http://ttlbr.ca/2c6Qf2s

Various Barcelona related accounts have been suspended on Twitter.


Twitter has been unsettled by the closing of various accounts that covered FC Barcelona and criticized the impartiality of various pro Real Madrid media. Barca voices on the web are being censored and silenced, even though some have reacted swiftly and are once again active through new accounts.

The first accounts that were suspended were @Sempre_Cules, @Diario Warca and @El Chirincirco. They have now returned as the following: @Sempre_Cules1, @DiarioWarca and @Chirincirco_ respectively. Others that have had their activity cut include @manipuland0 (now @Manipulando_), @_futbolero_ (@VinesFCB), @HoyEnDeportes4 (now @HoyEnDeportes4_), and @contraddictione (now @contradictione).

It has been noted online that one of the motives for the suspension of these accounts has to do with the inappropriate use of images (videos, photographs…) in terms of copyrights. There is also talk of accounts of Atletico Madrid, although to a lesser degree, having been suspended as well.

@cuentasFCB reports on Barca-oriented accounts that have been closed. You can follow them for more information.

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  • Zvi

    Perez has decided that it is easier to spend a few million on an army of lawyers, then to spend money on football players. As a businessman, he is right, of course. It is not by chance all the tax investigations against Barca and now Atletico and now social media….

  • Kneowell Anyanwu

    You didn’t add @barcastuff that was suspended twice, now active as @barcastuff_real. It’s very clear that barca is deliberately targetted