Barça Art: the amazing creations of @Cule_Dzn

The amazing creations of the football edits community have been a revelation for us at totalBarça this season, and if you follow our Twitter account you’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve been featuring the best work we come across. We decided to take this one step further and put together a series of short interviews with some of our favorite Barça-focused artists. These posts will showcase some amazing artwork, and explore the relationship between art and football fandom.


We kickoff this series with Berger who runs the @Cule_Dzn account on Twitter. He was interviewed back in August and sent us some great samples of his work. You’ll find a gallery of before and after images at the end of this post.


Tell us something about yourself, just to get warmed up.

I’m 18 years old and I live in Vienna, Austria. I am still in school. The things i love doing the most is obviously playing/watching football, but I also play golf. Here and there I play a bit of Fifa or other games. Recently I found a new passion which is making designs about the sport I love the most, football!

How did you become a fan of FC Barcelona?

In 2006, when I watched Barca in the Champions League, I fell in love! I was entertained the whole game, especially from my all time favorite, Ronaldinho. From that day I tried to watch as many Barca games as possible. The way Ronny, Deco or Giuly played was incredible and a joy to watch.

What made you channel your passion for the club into Photoshop?

I wanted to remember special moments about Barca and football with cool and beautiful creations. Moments like the CL win in 2015 or the Euros in 2016. My drawing skills are not the best, so I turned to Photoshop to enhance normal images with creative effects and textures.

Describe your tools and process for an edit.

Basically, like everybody else I use Photoshop. It is the most powerful program to manipulate images. When I find one I want to edit, the first thing I do is think about what the best effects and colors will be for the individual player. After that, I look for brushes that could help me and that look good. Lots of my work uses a Photoshop plug-in called ‘Topaz Labs’. It gives you certain effects and filters, that would be difficult to create from scratch. After applying the filters, I work with brushes or textures to complete the edit.

The football edits community seems pretty warm and welcoming. What’s your experience been like with other artists?

Most of the edit artists I follow are really talented and nice people. You can talk with them about football or your projects. If you need help and you don’t know how to do something with Photoshop, they will help you out. Some of my favorites are @DesignFootyIG, @f_edits, and @gfx_7.

To finish up, we want to dig into one of your favorite pieces and personalize it a bit. Is there a recent piece that has an interesting story behind it?

This edit doesn’t look that special, but for me it is. The guy on the left is one of my old friends I went to school with for 5 years. He is now playing in Austria’s first division. In this picture, he played against Chelsea about a month ago. He posted the normal pic and I decided to edit it for him. It is really cool to see that someone you spent a lot of time with get successful in the sport we love.



We hope you enjoyed this feature! You can follow Berger at @Cule_Dzn. We’ll be featuring his work this week on our own Twitter account. If you do Barça football edits and want to be interviewed for this series, get in touch: dave [at]


Before and after Gallery

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