Seven years ago today: The Iniestazo


May 6th 2009, a date that culés will never forget. Sitting in front of the T.V. in the dying minutes of the match against Chelsea F.C. waiting for Barça to get eliminated. Hopeless and angry that such an amazing season would not lead to a Champions League triumph. Suddenly, a high cross from Dani Alves that seemed to be going nowhere, finds Samuel Eto’o who narrowly slides it to Lionel Messi, who then finds Andrés Iniesta. Chelsea had blocked off all the lanes, leaving no way through, but Iniesta has always seen things no one else could.

Iniesta did not receive the ball from Messi, he let the ball go to where it was destined to go: into the net. Iniesta simply added some power, swung his leg, and the ball did the rest. It went high above the blue barricade and beat Petr Čech, who had looked unbeatable. People could not believe their eyes, the match was so intense that it looked that the Catalan team was already out after a stunner from Michael Essien.

Iniesta’s goal was then labeled as the Iniestazo, not only because it came in a crucial moment and left the Chelsea fans heartbroken, but also because the way he hit the ball, it defied the laws of physics. The ball wanted to go in, it was destined to go in.

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