Cruyff: “The problem with Barça is Neymar”

Cruyff: “The problem with Barça is Neymar”

Barça and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff spoke in an interview recently whilst in Malaysia, where he discussed what he feels Barça’s problem is this season. The influential voice singled out a certain newly signed 21-year old Brazilian; Neymar.

“At Barça and every team in the world, the manager should be the boss.  That’s why Pep left, because the directors were getting too hands on.  And the problem with Barça is Neymar.  He’s a great player, that’s indisputable, but you can’t sign a 21-year-old player and pay him more than players who have won everything. No 21-year-old is a God.”

“Besides, you already have the best player in the world and a 21-year-old cannot be the star.  That’s impossible in football. A 26-year-old yes, a 21-year-old, it’s impossible.”

Asked about whether he’ll be involved again with the club after Sandro Rosell’s departure, “I travel a lot, I’m not always in Barcelona, and this is something we’d have to talk about.”

The Dutchman concluded by discussing La Liga’s title race after Sunday’s clásico. “I couldn’t watch it because I was flying.  When I heard the result, I was surprised because of the score.  All the matches are now finals for Barça, Madrid and Atlético. Atlético’s consistency is very commendable, considering they don’t have a massive squad.”

Source: Inside Spanish Football / Image :Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe