Stat of the Day: Promote versus Purchase

Stat of the Day: Promote versus Purchase

Today Sport ran a piece on how vastly different the footballing models of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are. Maybe the most astounding statistic is that Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale together cost (195 million euros) nearly as much as the entire FC Barcelona squad (218.5 million).

Over the past 10 years, Real Madrid have spent around 1.1 billion euros in signing players, Barça come in at just over 600 million. Looking at the current first team squads, FC Barcelona’s costed 218.5 million to assemble thanks to 13 crucial home-grown talents. Click for more.

The purchase model in the capital has expensed 533.5 million to assemble its legion (thats a 315 million difference) with just five coming from Madrid’s castilla. And frankly from those five of Casillas, Jesús, Nacho, Jesé and Morata just one (possibly two) will actually feature with any genuine purpose. Well maybe not even, seeing as Iker Casillas can’t get a start anymore.

But perhaps the most important stat of all are trophies. In this 10 year period FC Barcelona have hauled in 21 trophies, Real Madrid only 8 including no European titles.

Source: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Sport/ Image: Monica Cano

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