We’ve got mail: Happy Nowruz!

We’ve got mail: Happy Nowruz!

There are numerous celebrations that mankind partake in – most are often wondrous and make us think, reflect and appreciate.   A totalBarça reader did just that when ringing in the Iranian/Persian new year this past March 20, 2013.  In this edition of We’ve got mail, we are excited to share with you a letter that was sent in to us that reflects on this culé’s passion for Barça in helping him celebrate Nowruz.

Arian writes:

Being a culé doesn’t know any borders or limits, people from all around the world, from all walks of lives, whether it’s Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, USA or Iran whether they’re teenage, old teacher, engineer, actor or Pope! One thing is sure, they cannot resist the beauty and magic of Barça on the pitch. Although they might have many contrasts, they all have one similarity and one reason to stand together and “si del sord o del nord, una bandera ens agermana!”

I am dead sure we all share some big blaugrana iconic moments in our minds that shapes our life with all those laughs, joys, tears and weeps. So to me and I’m sure to all of us, Barça is not only a name or emblem but also a philosophy that is the symbol of freedom, peace, health and good nature in many countries and Catalunya itself. And also like a school, teaches us many good qualities and I have learned the most significant lesson of my life in this so called awesome school. Never ever give up my faith on anything and BELIEVE!

Playing a tiny role in this huge community, as a 16 year-old Persian die-hard culé, I just wanted to share these great moments in all Persian cules life with all you around the world so what’s better than my all time favorite home-page totalBarça! As you might’ve heard we are welcoming spring and saying farewell to winter as celebrating New Year and leave past year with all good and bad memories behind us, and make a brand new start to make this world a better place for everyone. It’s spring and as mother earth renews itself and beautiful flowers and green trees  are appearing everywhere, we all are praising nature and cherishing our most important tradition by far in our history, Norouz! And today not only in Iran but also in another 12 countries around the world, Norouz is celebrated.

As you might know at the New Year’s Eve all the dreams and wishes come true so what makes this year special for me is that, I wished  from the bottom of my heart and my soul that I’ll be able to touch the turf of the place where dreams come true, the Heaven, Camp Nou and witness THE GREAT BARCA in a clasico and sing with the best of my ability: “tenim un nom el sap totham, Barca, Barca, Barcaaaa!!” Only god knows how much I’ve been waiting for this second, and may that day get here as fast as possible, because I cant wait no more!

On behalf of all the people who celebrate this historic tradition, I wish you all a glorious and tremendous year, and cross my finger for all of you culés around the globe, and let’s hope that our beloved Barça will continue making history and creating remarkable moments for all of us, over and over!

Peace out and Happy Norouz!

Happy Nowruz

A very special thanks to Arian for sharing this glorious letter to us.  Wishing you and all those around the around the world who celebrate, Happy Nowruz!