Sandro Rosell shares a few thoughts

Sandro Rosell shares a few thoughts

The players are scattered around the world trying to get their nations into the next World Cup. Well some are playing pointless friendlies. But anyway, Spanish program TV3 sat down with FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell getting his thoughts on Víctor Valdés and Iker Casillas among other things.

Valdés has had a monster start to the season and now the reality of his departure is beginning to hit home. Firstly, Rosell denied all rumors and speculation that a bad relationship exists between himself and the Barça keeper. He said: “…you can ask him. We greet each other whenever we see one another“.

Rosell then confirmed he attempted to talk Valdés into staying: “I tried to convince him but for the moment we haven’t managed to. We will see if he changes his mind, we will let the year pass, that’s a lot of time [to think]“. But the president refused to state on the record whether he has or will meet Valdés in a personal capacity. “I won’t say if we have met because I don’t have to. In such private affairs it is privacy that needs to be maintained“.

But it won’t be Iker Casillas taking his place next season. No shocker there. “In no case whatsoever do I see Iker Casillas defending the Barça crest. He is an icon that represents his club, like Xavi does for Barça and I don’t see Madrid thinking about buying Xavi”.

The senyera away kit has been a historical commercial success for the club and Rosell said it will be appearing more and more in Barça’s future. “It’s very beautiful. The commercial sales have been impressive and it will continue as the third uniform of the team next year and also for the time we stand as the club board“. The uniform will also be used in “special” matches.

Source: El Mundo Deportivo / Image: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe

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