Muniesa: “My future is uncertain”

Muniesa: “My future is uncertain”

Blaugrana centre-back Marc Muniesa (21), whose contract with FC Barcelona ends in June, declared that his future is still uncertain because the Club has yet to communicate anything to him with only one month left until the season ends.

The truth is that I know nothing. I’d love to continue, I’ve always said that. But here they’re telling me nothing. I’m still waiting. If [my career is] not here, it will be somewhere else. But my future is uncertain,” he explained.

Muniesa, born near Girona, joined the first team at the beginning of this season, but a rupture in the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee at the end of June in the pre-season against Hamburg left him off the pitch for seven months.

When he received the green light again in February, he accepted a spot with the B team, where he gained his best form again, though not knowing what would happen after June 30th of this year.

It is the decision of the people higher up, the coaches and directors. I always say I want to play here, it’s been my dream ever since I was a kid. And I will give it my all until the end to convince them,” Muniesa declared to EFE.

His situation has sparked the interest of many European clubs, such as Ajax: “They’re saying that, but I’m waiting for what they [Barça] decide. This is the press’s stuff. I am calm, I know I am good and can play many minutes anywhere. Going on loan? It would be good not to cut me off. It would mean that I’d still be part of Barça [in the future].”

It has been eleven years since Muniesa first came to La Masia, where he quickly became one of the more prominent players, playing in teams beyond his age group and praised for his maturity, technical ability, courage, and leadership.

My family is nervous right now. They aren’t believing that we haven’t been told anything yet, because they are very big culés as well and always hope that after all these years I’ve spent here at the club I would be offered a response, both whether I get to stay or not. And we’re waiting, a bit nervous. But what can we do?” he stated.

This is not the first obstacle that the student majoring in Business Administration has faced at the club. In 2008 he suffered a similar injury in his internal and external cruciate ligament of his knee and his recuperation took about a year.

I don’t feel myself anywhere now,” he responded when asked about whether he feels more in or out of the club. “I will wait and see what they tell me here, if not, I will look for a future away.

Last Monday, Marc participated in the champions parade of the first team, which could be his last celebration with Barça. Still waiting for any news about his future, Marc tweeted this last night: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“.

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