Messi’s plan to recuperate

Messi’s plan to recuperate

According to Mundo Deportivo, Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona have constructed a six-phase plan to insure that the crack recovers fully from his recent injury. See details about each phase of the plan after the jump:

Phase 1: 15 days of rest

To speed the initial healing of Messi’s left hamstring, rest is the key. During this first phase, the leg will be treated with ice and also blood will be drawn from the area to reduce scarring of the tissue. This treatment was initiated at the Ciutat Deportiva yesterday afternoon.

Phase 2: Treatment in Argentina

In early December, when the tear in his hamstring is healed, Messi will travel to Argentina to continue his recovery. Because Leo is a central part of the Argentinian national team and with views on the upcoming World Cup, it was decided to utilize the Albiceleste’s facilities in Buenos Aires in this part of the recovery plan.

Phase 3: Disconnecting from Barça to avoid anxiety

Another reason to move Messi’s recovery to Argentina at this point is to remove Leo from the temptation to return to the pitch too soon. We all know what a workhorse Leo is and it is going to be very difficult for him to take it easy. It is thought that removing him from the Camp Nou facilities will help him relax and focus on his recovery, not on rushing back to training with his mates.

Phase 4: Coordination between doctors and trainers in Spain and Argentina

Although Leo will be working on his recovery in Buenos Aires, Dr. Ricard Pruna and trainer Elvio Paolorosso will travel from Barcelona to be with Messi and to coordinate his recovery work with the staff from the AFA (Argentine Football Association).

An interesting note at this point is the absence of Juanjo Brau, who cules will remember as a constant presence during the recoveries of such Barça players as Carles Puyol and Éric Abidal. Last summer Brau was promoted when the contract of the club’s previous head of its medical department, Emili Ricart, was not renewed. That means that Brau now has new responsibilities and therefore has less time to devote to individual players.

Phase 5: A mini “pre-season” before full return

Before returning to work with the team, Messi will do a sort of repeat of pre-season training without his teammates. In this way, Leo will be fully prepared physically before returning to full training at the Camp Nou.

Phase 6: No pressure to return to play

Although FC Barcelona has put the number of 6-8 weeks on Messi’s recovery period, everyone involved has agreed that there is no pressure for the crack to return at that time. Both Barça coach Gerardo Martino, and Argentinian coach Alejandro Sabella, have agreed not to hurry Messi’s return to play.

Now it is up to Lionel Messi to follow the instructions from his doctors and the many support staff involved in getting him well. If Leo can indeed rest, relax and not push himself to return quickly, all the pieces are in place for his full recovery.

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Source: Mundo Deportivo,; Image: REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci