Iniesta’s father responds to Mourinho

Iniesta’s father responds to Mourinho

José Antonio Iniesta, the father of FC Barcelona midfielder Andrés Iniesta, hit back at Real Madrid coach José Mourinho’s comments on his son, pointing out that the Portuguese manager “doesn’t know respect and shame.” Earlier in the week, Iniesta junior had spoken in favor of beleaguered Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas to which Mourinho later responded that the Barcelona player should mind his own business.

The Illusionista’s father this Thursday denied that his his son had “attacked” the manager. “Iniesta doesn’t mention Mourinho for any reason. He spoke about Casillas because he has affinity towards him,” he recalled before declaring that “Mourinho is always inviting a brawl. Madridismo has supported him [Mourinho] but bit by bit you will find out who he really is,” said the father of ‘Don Andrés’.

José Antonio also talked about Casillas’ current situation and considered that if this “had happened in England or Germany, Mourinho wouldn’t be here for very long. What he is doing to a person with such human qualities like Iker, an institution in Spanish football and in Real Madrid, has no precedent.”

The player’s father also commented diplomatically on his son’s experience with the Ballon d’Or: “My son says that he won his Balón de Oro a long time ago through his humility and giving us great satisfaction [as fans and admirers]. The Ballon d’Or is given but this is gifted.”

The player’s father also addressed concerns about his son’s footballing future. “He wishes to end his career in Barcelona, but football has become so competitive that in the moment your level drops it will be the moment when you have to leave Barca,” he explained, leaving the doors open for future adventures.