Busquets: “We did it for ourselves”

Busquets: “We did it for ourselves”

Sergio Busquets met with the press following the team’s recovery work in the Ciutat Esportiva. He spoke about last night’s result, praising his teammates and addressing the criticism that has surrounded the club over the last few weeks.

When asked about last night’s performance silencing critics, Busquets responded, “we didn’t do it to silence anyone; we did it for ourselves. We’re all professionals and we enjoy this, it’s a part of us and we live it every day.”  He continued, “we needed to come back and, besides, it adds spice to football.”

Busquets continued to say that “these kind of days are good for regaining confidence.”

“We are the first ones to see what we’re capable of and what we have done over these past years, but we cannot live in the past.”

“We came into the match following a bad run of results, but not anymore. Every team can suffer from a loss of  form.”

When asked about his views on Barcelona’s season so far, he reassured the press that he felt the outlook for this season was excellent. “We are [doing] very well in the league, we qualified for the quarter finals of the Champions League and we were eliminated in the Copa (del Rey) in the semifinals, but in other years we’ve qualified and won it.”

After being questioned about the importance of yesterday’s result, he stated that the comeback had great importance. “There have been times when we didn’t have luck in these situations. Now we can say we have come back and in the future, when people look back in history, they could use last night as an example. That is a great honor.”

Busquets then reflected on the team’s performances and echoed Iniesta’s statement that a comeback was only necessary because of a poor first leg. “It’s clear that we have to learn from our mistakes, even though we achieved many things last night.” Now that the team has qualified for the quarter finals, the midfielder stated that he “didn’t care” about the potential rival, as all the potential opponents would be “difficult“.

He then directed his attention towards his teammates, first praising Villa. “We all know what kind of player David is, because of everything that’s happened and his injuries. We also know how important that goal was for him, but also to play in that position. A forward lives for goals and he needed it.”

On his thoughts of the midfield diamond containing him, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, he said, “we’ve played many games this way and we complement each other very well, and when we three play together as well. Leo was his usual self, but with the addition of Villa, who pushed back the centrebacks. This made it difficult for Milan to mark him because if the midfielders followed him, it left room for Xavi and Andrés. They were three players who were immense and were fundamental for us.”

Finally, he spoke over the error made by Mascherano, which almost lead to Niang scoring a deadly goal. “We can’t speak about just the bad. Leo is the best player in the world and for the one or two games he didn’t score, but he didn’t have to prove anything. With Javi, it was a bad play which led to a scare, but it can happen to anyone. He offers a lot in playing the ball out the back as well as defensively and he was a ’10’. He spoke about it himself and it gives you an idea about how much he demands of himself. That’s always a good thing.”

Source: Sport.es; Image: Josep Mª Arolas