Busquets: “Barça fans are proud of this team”

Busquets: “Barça fans are proud of this team”

FC Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets spoke at a press conference on Wednesday. He began by stating that “we’re ready to win the match on Sunday, but if [the league title] comes before then, it’ll be just as important. Winning a title is special and the league even more so.” The La Liga title, however, won’t be Barça’s just yet. Real Madrid’s 6-2 victory over Málaga at the Santiago Bernabéu means Barça will have to wait to celebrate the title. Sergio underlined the importance of the title, saying that “the league is the tournament of regularity and the most important. What’s more, it would be the fourth league title in five years and that would be spectacular.”

Sergio Busquets also spoke about what the La Liga title will mean for culés. “All the Barça fans are proud of this team. They know how important this team is and they want us to win the league.” He also noted that without a doubt, a league championship has to be celebrated with a cavalcade through the city and a party at the stadium. “We want to do this and more now that the weeks are so long. It’s the best thing to do as we deserve it and so do all the fans.”

Busquets explained that his injury began near the end of January. “I’ve improved since I started the treatment. It’s a very complicated injury because some days are better than others. You have to take it slowly and hope that you’re on the right track. I know it won’t go away overnight.” However, he ruled out having an operation that would cancel his Confederation Cup plans. “I’m feeling better now,” he assured.

Asked about his future with the Barça, he insisted: “I see myself here in the future and in the present. I’ve no intention of moving from here. I see myself with Barça.” He added that long-serving players like Xavi, Puyol and Valdés “are an example for me”.

Sergio also spoke about the rumours that Carles Puyol could leave the blaugrana side at the end of the season. “He’s already denied these rumours. We’re all delighted with Puyol. Let’s hope he can carry on for many more years. He’s looking good to me and he’s on the mend. He’s got a difficult injury but he’s keen to get better as soon as possible. You always have to put a brake on him because he wants to be with the team and get better as soon as possible. Right now I can’t imagine Barça without Puyol and Valdés, but the day will come. The years go by and everything moves on.”

Source: fcbarcelona.com, Picture: Josep Mª Arolas