Breaking: United Arab Bank newest FC Barcelona partner?

Breaking: United Arab Bank newest FC Barcelona partner?

This news is unconfirmed by the official club channels but broke less one hour ago on website It is said a three-year deal was signed and announced by United Arab Bank (UAB) CEO Paul Trowbridge at a join press conference held at the Mirdif City Centre, Dubia, United Arab Emirates. Details follow.

The detailed amount was not disclosed but described by Trowbridge as “priceless” and that it was a financial sponsorship that also afforded UAB members initiatives to “join the club in Barcelona“.

Trowbridge went on to say:

We’re excited about this alliance. This is something that our competitors cannot match. We were looking around for names around the world, which hoped to align with us in terms of what we are trying to give our customers and our potential customers. This is a three-year relationship where we can leverage off one another for both loyal fans and customers to have the opportunity to share in the success of the club but also United Arab Bank.

Club vicepresident Javier Faus was apparently in attendance and remarked:

We share a lot of the same values. This is a bank that has come from behind in the last ten years and is right now at the very front of the banking system in this country.”

“Once we are bigger and well-known in the (UAE)… we don’t rule out the possibility of then doing something more ambitious. So far we are very, very happy about the way we work out our partnership structure. We go step by step.

Faus reportedly took questions about whether Barça were “selling out“. He said:

We have ten World Cup players and we have [Lionel] Messi, we have Neymar [da Silva Santos Júnior], and all of this is expensive. You cannot expect to have the best team in the world without paying them as what they are – the best players in the world. That means you have to get outside of your borders and seek financing for all of these expenses.

Source: Arabian Business

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