Martino: “We’ve always been superior to our rivals”

Martino: “We’ve always been superior to our rivals”

While the match was several nights ago, it’s always good to check in with the thoughts of FC Barcelona manager Gerardo “Tata” Martino. The manager was fair in putting everything into context but admitted that the team can push themselves a little harder. Given the very congested fixture list, it’s my opinion that people need to lay off a bit. Nevertheless, Martino was overall content and also defended Lionel Messi from some ridiculous claims.

We are nearly perfect when it comes to results. We are capable of playing better, we can always play better. It was a good game, well won. Espanyol played a priceless defensive game. We were recognizable and we didn’t lack intensity when we attacked, what we did lack was consistency.

What we have to do is guarantee ourselves a win. As times goes on, we’ll find out what we’re lacking. We’ve deserved to win every match we’ve won, our play hasn’t always been excellent but we’ve always been superior to our rivals.”

Lionel Messi hasn’t scored now in four games. PANIC. DISASTER. Please, people. “Messi isn’t troubled by this. It’s a coincidence that Messi hasn’t scored in three or four games, he’s not desperate.” Like Martino continued to say, Messi’s problem (?) is very much that of Barça’s, having set such lofty standards, people demand the near impossible. “He’s set the bar so high that it seems when he doesn’t score it’s a problem.” Tata then rejected all questions that he is looking ahead to the 2014 World Cup.

Lastly, some brief words of praise for Alexis Sánchez: “He’s capable of making the last pass, to finish plays and score goals.

Source: FC Barcelona  / Image: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe

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