Gerard Piqué: “Hitting two long balls isn’t bad”

Gerard Piqué: “Hitting two long balls isn’t bad”

Barça defender Gerard Piqué did an interview with Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport recently and its most revealing confession related to the famed FC Barcelona tiki-taka system.

Essentially he said that players felt “somewhat enslaved by tiki-taka” and that the team did not feel “free” to try different tactical approaches under the helms of Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova. He also apparently said that the team “exaggerated” the style, in the sense of self-parody.  “If we are trapped [by the opponent], hitting two long balls isn’t bad, it’s changing approach, it’s refreshing [like breathing fresh oxygen], so that we don’t tighten up, so that we don’t [feel] there is no escape“.

He however also admitted that because the system had also been so successful it created mixed emotions, so while wanting to try alternative styles they also knew all the glory was founded in the philosophy.

Looking forward, Piqué clearly approves of new manager Gerardo Martino and that with his arrival has also been a sense of liberation. “Tata has extremely positive ideas. In football you have to improve every year, develop. He came from abroad, but has the same style of playing football: keeping the ball, but he also has different options“.

Source: El Mundo Deportivo, Sport / Image: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe

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