We’ve got mail: Dream come true

We’ve got mail: Dream come true

Some, if not most, fans of FC Barcelona have to wait some length of time before getting the opportunity to watch their favourite team play live in a stadium.  If only we were all so lucky to live in or near the city of Barcelona, right?  I think most you know what I mean.  In this edition of WGM, we hear from a reader of totalBarça who recently had the pleasure of entering the realms of Camp Nou while FCB played their arch rivals.

“I just wanted to send you a message to say that recently I had a dream of mine come true when I finally got to attend a Clasico at the Camp Nou. The supercopa. While there I took many pictures and soaked up the atmosphere. The match was incredible and something I will never forget. It was lovely to see us win (Sadly yes, we lost the cup the next week, but these things happen sometimes).

I recorded a video during the warm up of Gerard Pique after everyone had gone off the field. he stayed behind kicking balls into an empty net but when he was going off the field I caught this nice bit of skill. I felt is might be a nice Video of the Day if you were in need of one. Pique is my hero you see J”

[youtube GUz-A4nJtjM]

To get an idea of what it was like during the penalty kick that Messi took, take a look at this:

[youtube uozidOS8toM]

Thanks to Brian, from Ireland, for sharing this experience with us.