We’ve got mail: Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues

We’ve got mail: Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues

As always, we take great pleasure in meeting and getting to know all the penya’s  out there.  In this edition of WGM, we are pleased to share the formation and experience of Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues, based out of Czech Republic…

Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues was formed in 2011, just a few weeks prior to the UEFA Champions League match versus Viktoria Plzen.  Due to this timely formation, the penya and its new members were able to take advantage of the 100 or so tickets that were provided to those who applied for them.  Since there were renovations going on in the Pilsen stadium, the match was played in Prague.  As the members of the penya met in Prague, a small group of them were interviewed by Spanish-based RTVE.es.  You can view their Barca pride and excitement on tv here.

Following the morning interview, the penya met with other penya’s that were arriving for the match versus Viktoria Plzen.  In addition, the penya met with Social Director, Pilar Guinovart i Masip, who presented them with flags, crests, and signatures from the FCB players.  On the way to the match stadium, President Sandro Rosell personally met with the penya as well to welcome them to the club and to the game.

FC Barclona defeated Viktoria Plzen 4-0 that day…

Presently, Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues operates the website www.fcbarcelona.cz.  The group has 220 members and plans to meet at least once every summer for a retreat that lasts for two days to play football, re-watch some of the key matches  played during the recent season, get to know each of the members better, and to certainly celebrate what it is like being a culé.

We’d like to thank Vasee, once again, for sharing both the ‘historic’ manita match video with us and now this story on the experience of Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues.  You can actually see who Vasee is as he is the one who says “Messi” really quickly in the RTVE video (above).