We’ve got mail: Penya Barcelonista d’Atenes

We’ve got mail: Penya Barcelonista d’Atenes

In the heart of Greece lies a very active and dedicated Penya.  They wrote in to totalBarça to tell their story and we are happy to share their history and developments.  We hope you enjoy this edition of We’ve got mail!

A very big Greek ‘gia sas’ (hello) to all totalBarça readers!!!

Penya Barcelonista d’Atenes, (Athens, Greece) was founded on 10/03/2005. In April 2005 we found our first “home” in Stadiou St. Athens and during June 2006 our Penya was officially recognized by the FCB with number 1753. Five years later though, we moved into our brand new office which is located on Valtetsiou St, 50-52, Exarchia, Athens.

During our very first gatherings we had decided that we really wanted to further establish the social profile of FCB in the Hellenic society. For this purpose, our Penya is a member of the International Amnesty and we have also donated several amounts on “Medecins du Monde” and “Medecins sans Frontieres”. Last but not least since 2009 we are sponsoring a child through Actionaid Hellas. During 2006 we have collected substantial amounts of money through an auction which was donated to the Palestine ambassador for assisting with food and medicine for the people of Gaza.

One of the most special social activities at our Penya takes place every 23rd of April during the San Jordi day in Catalonia. Our Penya collects books annually from several volunteers and its members in an attempt to fill the bookshelves of several institutions. Some of our greatest book donations include the Hellenic Underage Prison of Avlonas, the “Smile of the child” (http://www.hamogelo.gr/1.2/home) organization and the “Hatzikiriakio” foundation for child protection (www.xatzikiriakio.gr).

Several cultural activities have been organized from our Penya in an attempt to show that Barcelona is not just about football, basketball, Messi or “La Bomba” Navarro. Five concerts with Catalonian artists have taken place so far in Athens, with bands and mucisians including Aramateix, Dekrepits, Deskarats, Meritxell Gene and Pau Abajos. We have also organized 3 public discussions: 2006 – Presentation of the FCB foundation and articles of association, 2009 – “110 years of FC Barcelona, 30 years of Greek Professional Football”, and 2011 – “An attempt to understand the FC Barcelona phenomenon”.

It has to be said however that our Penya is also about sports and following Barca. More than 300 members have travelled massively to Bulgaria (Sofia), Monaco (European Supercup 2005, 2009 and 2011), Milan, London, Prague, Leverkusen, Madrid, Valencia and of course Barcelona. The greatest excursions however, were the ones for the Champions League finals in Rome (2009) and London (2011) where more than 50 of our members, in total, watched our favourite team lift the Champions League trophy twice. Finally, we have to mention with very much pride, our presence in OAKA Stadium, Athens for the game against Panathinaikos FC. More than 300 Greek Barcelonistas, along with several friends that travelled from Catalonia and all over Europe, had attended this fantastic game where our team won 3-0. During the presence of FC Barcelona in Athens, several honours took place between our management board and the FC Barcelona representatives.

Further information regarding our Penya can be found on www.barcelonistas.gr where we operate a news site regarding our Penya including news about FC Barcelona. This website will soon operate on other languages as well (English, Spanish and Catalan).

We welcome all barcelonistas from all over the world to contact us, for any assistance or to visit our premises if they ever happen to be in Athens.

Office location:

Valtetsiou St, 50-52, Exarchia, Athens, Greece

Telephone: +30 2103213973

Email: penya@barcelonistas.gr

Our current management board consists of:

President: Katerina Michalarou, Vice President: Petros Yarmenitis, Secretary: Christos Dais, Treasurer: Apostolis Papadis, Membership: Nassos Vinnios

Hope to see you all in Athens! Thank your for reading our presentation!

Visca el Barca, y Visca Catalunya

Special thanks to Vassilis for sharing this with us and our community. We wish you and Penya Barcelonista d’Atenes all the best!