We’ve got mail: Have your cake and eat it 3

We’ve got mail: Have your cake and eat it 3

There’s just something about our culé community here that just love their cakes and their Barça.  We also like nice surprises.  So in this edition of We’ve got mail, we share with you a fun letter from someone in Croatia…

Ivana writes:

Dear totalBarça,

My dear husband is passionate about FCB.

On the other hand, I’m passionate about making and decorating cakes. 

And guess what? One thing led to another, so I thought my creation (and a birthday gift) could make a good candidate for “We’ve got mail”…as a continuation of the “Have your cake and eat it” series.

If you like the idea, feel free to publish.  I would really like to [surprise my husband by having him see] his cake on his favourite website!


Well, we couldn’t resist this one, so in continuing on with our showing of Barça cakes, and to freak out Ivana’s husband, Sandi – here is yet another Barça cake gallery!  

Thanks to Ivana for sending this in. Gotcha, Sandi!