Celebrate 3 years with us!

Celebrate 3 years with us!

September 15, 2009…until now.  Three years seems like a long time.  It’s equivalent to 36 months, 156 weeks, or 1095 days.  Yet, it really has felt longer than that.  That’s not a bad thing, but it gives everyone at totalBarça an opportunity to reflect.  Though we should feel as if we accomplished something; but in fact, we didn’t.  If we did, it seems hardly enough.

We know our faults, we know our weaknesses, and we know the areas that we have let you down.  Don’t worry, we know.  It pains us that we know, but it’s also exciting to know that we can improve.  Indeed, we have lots to improve on, and lots to do yet.  Ultimately, we hope that totalBarca will always be part of your day, your week, and your month when you are looking for the meaning of més que un club.

No matter what happens to totalBarça and its amazing community going forward, the beautiful game of football will always exist, the city of Barcelona will exist, and FC Barcelona will more than likely exist.

In last year’s 2nd birthday celebrations, most of the team at totalBarça talked about what totalBarça meant to them and how it was part of their lives.  This time around, we wanted to focus on you – the most important piece to our community.

From September 1 to September 8, we would like to invite you to share with the community what totalBarça means to you.  Submit to us any forms from the below list to happybirthday@totalBarca.com and we will reciprocate and publish it on the site during our prime birthday celebration period (September 9-14).

Send us a:

  • Letter
  • Note
  • Message
  • YouTube Video
  • Sound Byte/Audio Clip
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Picture
  • Digital Art

Let’s celebrate this milestone occasion together, team and town, and show the world just what més que un club really means and what this special culé community stands for.  It would be our greatest pleasure to post your messages/videos/illustrations.  Even if we receive just one.

To summarize:

  • Submission Topic: What totalBarça means to me
  • Submission Via: happybirthday@totalBarca.com
  • Submission Formats: Listed above
  • Submission Dates: September 1 to September 8
  • Submissions Reviewed & Published: September 9 to September 14
  • totalBarça’a 3rd Birthday & Big Community Announcement: September 15

We will say this because we have to – any submissions that are not within the guidelines of the above exercise will not be considered for publishing.  We reserve the right to refrain from posting anything not deemed applicable to this request for submissions.

Have fun!

Visca Barça.