Statistics: 18-03-2012

Statistics: 18-03-2012

Goals, assists, minutes, games played and more. totalBarça is your home for all FC Barcelona statistics. Tables after the jump….

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UCL :Uefa Champions League

SSC: Spanish Super Cup

USC: Uefa Super Cup

CDR: Copa del Rey

CWC: Club World Cup

Statistics differs from one website to another due to:

1- Each website has its own definition for an assist. Some websites/sources do not count a shot deflected off the cross bar and then a goal scored off the rebound by a different player as an assist. Here, we do.

2- Minutes played; extra time is not added to keep it simple for analysis purposes. Unless it is the extra 15-minute halves.

Here at totalBarça we watch every single game and record the stats. We do not copy/paste stats from other websites/sources.