Celebrating 3 years with everyone…(Part 2 of 5)

Celebrating 3 years with everyone…(Part 2 of 5)

In celebrating totalBarça’s third anniversary, we wanted to share with the community ‘what totalBarça means to you’.  We accepted your birthday wishes between September 1 – 8 and now we are thrilled to present all the kind words which were received.  Our team would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to submit something.

Without further ado, we present to you the 2nd edition to how you are celebrating 3 years with us…

Hi totalBarca,

I can’t say I’m a fan of FC Barcelona from a long time. I liked them but wasn’t such a devoted fan like now. Everything started with my best friend. She had a crush on Ronaldinho and every single person knew about that. She’d go back home if there was a match either of Barca or Brazil. Bach then I was just: “Ok, they’re good. It’s Barcelona, we love them because Stoichkov played there…”. But then Guardiola came, I watched a few games, liked the style(and Messi y Xavi) and I was hooked. Right now I’m that person that goes home to watch matches of Barca, Spain or Argentina.

And this brings me to you guys. After a certain time I needed a reliable source of Barca news (apart from the official site) and i found it in you! The articles, the comments, the photos and the videos… everything is just awesome. You made me feel like I was part of this big Barca family and understood what “mes que un club” meant. Thanks to you my visit to the Camp Nou was full because I knew the history and other Barca stuff.

So I really want to thank you guys for showing me what a true “cule” should be(I learnt all the chants from the site). Keep making us happy  and providing us with the latest and greatest about the best team in the world.

Som i Serem,

Geri – Bulgaria


I just want to say happy birthday to the wonderful site that disseminate FC Barcelona news, rumours and club videos to a heterogeneous audience. totalBarca has made me know more about Barca. I love the whole crew. Once again, thanks.

Osimini – Nigeria


Thank-you for all your posts. I check the website at least once a day and I love it. I’m a huge Barca fan, and couldn’t be more thankful for what you guys do.


Jason – Missouri, USA


Dear totalBarca,

First of all, I would like to tell that totalBarca is my home page, the most important web page for me as a barca fan. I am extremely happy that the publishers across the world have made the page so lively and updated that almost every time I log into the page there is always something new to look to forward  to like some new posts, news, videos, articles, updates etc. So I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the amount of effort that you’ll take for the page. HATS OFF GUYS !!

As far as what totalBarca means to me, it means a world to me. It’s just as important as the wonderful club I support because it makes me feel very close and connected with the club. It makes me feel in touch with the club’s players. Also the efforts that you guys take to keep the website updated on the technical front is also wonderful. This is the website that I begin my web browsing sessions with. This is the website that makes me happy when I see a Barcelona video or read some good article about it, it gives me knowledge about the club and its management, its history, records, player info etc. (unlimited information).

Finally all in all, it’s the website that makes me feel happy and connected with the club. I would like to thank totalBarca for helping me develop my passion for the beautiful club and appreciate the efforts taken at the back end by the publishers for keeping the page as lively and attractive as Barca’s style of football. I wish even I could become a publisher at totalBarca as it will give me an opportunity to contribute back.

Wish this journey that began three years ago continue forever and ever and ever…

Wishing you,



FC Barcelona Layered Birthday Cake

Bhavik – India


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