Youth Leagues: Weekly Results; Man of the Match

Youth Leagues: Weekly Results; Man of the Match

Every week at totalBarca, we bring you the results of the top seven youth sides of La Masia: the Juvenil A, Juvenil B, Cadet A, Cadet B, Infantil A, Infantil B and Alevin A sides. We also name the Man of the Match (MOM) performer for each category.

Juvenile Division Of Honor (Juvenil A):
Gava CF 0-2 FC Barcelona
Goals: Roger Riera (17), Alain Richard Ebwelle (17)
MOM: Roger Riera, in a game where Juvenil A seemed certain to drop their first points in the league season, Roger came to their rescue as he snatched a goal in the closing minutes to ensure his teams 6 game winning streak remained intact. He has been a underrated presence in the Juvenil A defence this season, providing steal at the back alongside Bagnack, while also proving to be an able capitan.

National Youth League (Juvenil B):
FC Barcelona 3-1 Espanyol
Goals: Lucas del Campo (17) 2, Albert Torras (2)
MOM: Lucas del Campo, scored his sides opening two goals of the game and showed respect to his former side Espanyol, where he spent three years before moving to La Masia, by not celebrating his goals. It was a pleasant sight to see Lucas back in full flow after the injury that kept him out of the closing stages of last season.

Honor Cadet Division (Cadet A):
FC Barcelona 4-0 Europa
Goals: Theo Chendri (15), Sergi Canós (15), Julen Arellano (15), Enric Franquesa (15)
MOM: Josimar Quintero. Personally I was extremely skeptical when Josi, an Equadorian midfielder of the utmost class, was moved to the right back position last season. But the lad has since grown into this new role so much, that you would be forgiven to think he’s been playing there his entire life. Every bit as much of a delight to watch at right back as he is in the playmakers role.

Preferred League Cadet (Cadet B):
Mariano Poblet 0-5 FC Barcelona
Goals: Daniel Morer (14), Lee Seung Woo (14), Carles Alena (14), Jan Hee Kyul (14), Carles Perez (14)
MOM: Daniel Morer, a midfielder who idolises Xavi but is more in the mould of Sergi Roberto. Dani Morer is the kind of player whose team can rely on him to get it right every single time. Versatile, quick, great technique, superb movement between the lines and scores in double digits every season. Dani is the complete package.

Honor Infantil Division (Infantil A)
Sant Ildefons 0-11 FC Barcelona
Goals: Luis Mangas (13), Oriol Busquets (13), Oscar Mingueza (13), Alex Collado (13), Jordi Mboula (13), Bobby Adekanye (13), Maudo Ba (13), Monchu Rodriguez (13)
MOM: Monchu Rodriguez. A new signing from Mallorca, Monchu is a player I’ve been extremely impressed with recently. A midfielder with a lot of technique and approach play, Monchu gave another recital in midfield play over the weekend.

Preferred League Infantil (Infantil B)
FC Barcelona 1–0 LA Floresta
Goals: Lucas de Vega (12)
MOM: Ben Lederman. A game where despite dominating the game from start to finish, Infantil B failed to break down an extremely well organised Floresta defense until the final minutes. Ben was one of few players who managed to carve out openings for his teammates due to his ability to quickly transition the game from midfield to attack. Being the first American in La Masia, there are a lot of expectations on Ben and so far he hasn’t dissapointed.

Liga Primera Division Alevin
FC Barcelona 24-1 Cerdanyola
Goals: Takefusa Kubo (11) 6, Anssumane Fati (11) 5, Adria Altimira (11) 4, Ivan Bravo (11) 2, Nil Fabregó (11) 2, Sergi Rosanas (11) 2, Gillermo Amor (11), Eric Garcia (11), Gerard Lopez (11)
MOM: Takefusa Kubo. Currently my favourite side in La Masia along with the Cadet A. Marc Serra’s side left no stone unturned in announcing their intentions as one of the most talented sides in the academy, led by their two big stars Takefusa Kubo and Anssumane Fati. ‘Take’ in particular was in astonishing form as he completed his hattrick in just 7 minutes, then going on to score 3 more after coming back from the bench, while also assisting many others. The Japanese wonder kid is very much living up to his reputation.

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