We’ve got mail: Spreading the word

We’ve got mail: Spreading the word

When it comes to contributing to totalBarça’s community, there are many organizations that have stepped up.  From authors and publishers to ticketing agents and accommodations to electronics and designers.  There’s more and we can’t thank them all nearly enough.  Recently, we were approached by a banner/sign/magnet manufacturer.  Curious to see what they were able to do for us?  Also, what they can possibly do for you and other culés?

Brendon, a culé in the USA, connected via email and shared with us his support for FC Barcelona.  He also wanted to contribute to spreading the presence of the totalBarça community and of course, we welcomed his idea.

As part of his job, he represents a group of companies that prints banners, signs, and magnets.  Some of the promotional pieces that he’s provided totalBarça are below:

totalBarca Banners

totalBarça Banners


totalBarca Car Magnets

totalBarça Car Magnets

If you are interested in purchasing such promotional items for yourself or your business, you can find their selection of items at the following sites:





Special thanks to Brendon for helping totalBarça and our community grow!

We hope that we will be able to prominently display the totalBarça banners at the Camp Nou press box in the near future!