Van Basten: “Guardiola’s Barça is the best I’ve ever seen”

Van Basten: “Guardiola’s Barça is the best I’ve ever seen”

AC Milan legend and former Netherlands international Marco Van Basten recently gave an interview to French newspaper L’Equipe, and he did not mince his words. “The Barca of Pep Guardiola is incredible, it has surpassed Cruyff’s Ajax, Bayern and even my Milan,” he said.

Quite simply, this is the best team in history, not only for what it has won, but how it has won. There is no other comparable. Let’s take a few minutes and make a simple comparison with the best teams in history, and you can see that this Barça side is incredible. It has surpassed my Milan, Cruyff’s Ajax, Bayern. Even we did not achieve those results.”

Comparing his own Milan side of 90s to the current Barça, Van Basten says, “both teams have marked an era. The difference is we had an Italian style. Instead, Barça has a more pleasing style and win convincingly. It’s a different philosophy.”

Van Basten was very clear as to what has led Barça to maintain their level of success for so many seasons. “Its strength is that they are professionals. They live for football and that’s what motivates them. They are not for the celebrity life.”

I remember my mate Ruud Gullit, he was a superb player, but also a star, he liked being the center of attention. Xavi is a superb player, but along with that he likes to be with his family, Messi, the same; Iniesta too. Perhaps the only one in this team who likes being the center of attention is Piqué. To others, what interests them is their job as a footballer. This is key to staying at the highest level during those years.”

Source: L’Equipe