NextGen Series: Juvenil A through to next round

NextGen Series: Juvenil A through to next round

Barça’s Juvenil A team walked into the match as not uncomfortable leaders of group 1. With two wins, one draw and two losses in their previous five games, but despite all that a draw would guarantee them qualification to the next round. However, they did not rest on that and made sure to win a great game with a final scoreline of 3-1.

The Barça kids started the game alert and looked very playful taking care of the game from the start. A bit more playful than the rest was the lone 16-year old Adama Traoré,  who at times had a real show with the Wolfsburg defense. Adama would also get the first goal of the game in match minute ’13 in which after another playful player in Lucas Gafarot had a show of his own on the left-hand side during the match. The Barça boys kept on controlling the game, by working hard with high pressure, winning the ball back as fast as they lost it.

Great skill wa also displayed by Herrera, who turned around the visitors and helping Sandro getting shots on goal.  Although not too much danger really resulted from the shots coming off fairly weak. 30-minutes into the game, Wolfsburg worked themselves more into the action. Creating a few good chances with low hard shots but failing to hit the target. In the 33rd minute, their play-maker Arnold found forward Brandt who sprinted away from the Barça defenders only to see his hard shot go just wide of the Barça goal. Brandt who would have more to say in the second half. Minutes later Arnold almost saw himself being sent off as he was already awarded a yellow card after an incident with Quesada, where the Barça boy had dragged  the Wolfsburg player’s shirt who answered with a slight elbow. Both boys saw yellow, however seconds later Arnold attacked Sandro with a horrible tackle making the public shout for him to be sent off. However, no card was given and Arnold who was on the end of most of the things created by Wolfsburg was able to keep on.

The game developed to a very intense but even one in the last minutes of the second half before Herrera could find Sandro with a great pass just outside of the penalty area, Sandro turned up and made sure the Barça boys left the first half with a 2-0 result thanks to an ice-cold finish.

The second half saw an alert Wolfsburg entering the pitch and for the first 15-minutes as the visitors took over the game, and with the blonde-haired Brandt impressing time after time on his left side. The Barça boys would however work themselves back into the game to control it once again. Which would ultimately lead to the Wolfsburg players, who desperately needed a win, to start playing a bit ugly. In the 75th minute Stromper would be sent off, after a span of only five minutes having been showed yellow twice. But the game did calm down in the second half and it was a rather comfortable road for Barça.

Although Wolfsburg would earn a goal for themselves when Palacios got a toe on a corner in the 86th minute after a bit of chaos in the Barça penalty area making it 2-1. But Ebwelle, who looked alert, ever since he entered the pitch in the 64th minute had more to say and fought himself to last second goal setting the result at 3-1. The Barça kids left the pitch in delight as the win guarantee them a place in the next round of the tournament, something they should be very proud of.

Result: 3-1

Tournament: Next Generation Series

Barcelona: Ondoa, Godswill, Robert Costa, X. Quintillà, Lucas Gafarot, S. Samper, Adama Traoré, Quesada, Sandro, Enguene
Bench: Riera, Tienda, Brian Oliván, Babunski, Joel Huertas, Toni Sanabria, Ebwelle

Wolfsburg:  Klaus, Sauer, Sprenger, Strompen, Guleryuz, Arnold, Park, Tille, Bulbul
Bench: Hauck, Müller, Busching, Marquardt, Palacios, Uzan, Klinger

Barcelona: Ebwelle -> Herrera ’64, Babunski -> Sandro ’78, Joel Huertas, Toni Sanabria, Riera -> Samper, Quesada, Enguene ’86
Wolfsburg: Müller -> Park ’60, Hauck ->Bulbul ’70, Busching, Palacios -> Sauer, Guleryuz ’75

Barcelona: Adama ’13, Sandro ’45, Ebwelle ’90+
Wolfsburg: Palacios ’86

Barcelona: Yellow – Quesada ’35, Samper ’41
Wolfsburg: Yellow – Arnold ’35, Park ’58
Red – Stromper ’70, ’75