Messi: “I’ll always be thankful to Barça”

Messi: “I’ll always be thankful to Barça”

Lionel Messi, in an exclusive interview with Colombian channel Caracol TV, expressed his gratitude towards what FC Barcelona has given him in his career. During the interview, he also spoke about his family and his passion for football, and pointed out the fact that he likes it when children ask for his autograph.

At the end of the interview, the blaugrana star received a cake for his 25th birthday which he celebrates this Sunday.

Messi stressed the fact that he’ll “always be thankful for Barça” for opening their arms when he was 13 and for paying for the treatment he required at that time. “Barça made my dream possible,” he added.

Dani Alves, his favorite DJ

Leo also mentions that “before the games I have the habit of listening to music that Alves puts on for me,” a player with whom he has been sharing a dressing room at Barça since 2009.

Messi, who is set to become a father in October, also insisted: “I like that kids ask for my autograph, it is a very nice thing. I love little boys, like my nephews.”

I always wanted to be a footballer, there never was an alternative,” the world’s best player added.

“Education is very important”

On the other hand, he lamented the fact “the piece of advice that I always had in mind was the one my parents gave me, to focus on my education,” which he particularly didn’t like when he was younger. “When I was grew up, I realized how important it [education] is, because in life you never know what might happen or if at the end you will be able to play in the Primera.”

And regarding his birthday, a smile came to his face when he saw the cake the channel presented to him. “When I was little, I always asked for footballs,” he recalled, commenting that: “football is my greatest passion“. 

Source: Mundo Deportivo; Image: Caracol TV via Sport