May 6th, 2009: It began that day

May 6th, 2009: It began that day

Most of us culés will probably never forget where we were, or what we were doing, or how we celebrated Andrés Iniesta’s last minute equalizer at Stamford Bridge, on May 6th, 2009. That day, we witnessed the rise of an unforgettable team: a team that, luckily for us, still reigns over the world of football.

Despite some people trying desperately to center the debate on the wrong issue (aka the refereeing), that beautiful goal by Don Andrés sealed what was already true on the pitch: Barça’s dominance over Chelsea, in both legs of the Champions League semi-finals in 2009.

Diario Sport remembers that magic moment, arguing that there are many types of goals: important goals, beautiful goals, goals that earn titles (Don Andrés knows about them too), lucky goals, own goals, etc. Even historic goals. Some of those are goals that change the history of the sport, lasting in time not only because of how they were scored, but also because of what they started.

José Mari Bakero scored one of those history changing goals on November 6th in 1991, a goal that, in the end, allowed Barça to win the first Champions League (at Kaiserlautern, which is constantly repeated during Iniesta’s goal video). Andrés Iniesta had his moment on May 6th of 2009, a goal that allowed the Pep Team to become the best side in the history of the sport. From that moment, Barça won the treble, which was the beginning of a magical 6 title year, and then the fourth Champions League, and 13 titles won out of a total of 16 available.

Andrés Iniesta made that May 6th an historic date for culés. One of those dates that we don’t forget, that we keep in our memory. Andrés himself says about that day: “I remember the ball going in and all of us running, celebrating. It was a magical moment, one of the happiest of my career. It was special as I lived it in first person, but I think it was also unforgettable for a lot of people.”

Players like Montoya or Muniesa, who are starting their career as Barça players at the moment, and others with some years of experience, like Javier Mascherano, also shared their memories about that day. Montoya was playing the Champions Cup with the youth team, “I don’t remember where, maybe Alicante, but I remember we saw it, started celebrating with a party at the hotel. That goal was the beginning of the club’s present.” Muniesa was playing the U-17 European Championship. “I saw the game in my room, with my other team mates from Barça [Dalmau and Sergi Gómez]… it was fantastic, we went crazy.” Mascherano remembers that “I was in England as a neutral, but I wanted Barça to pass [to the final] because of Leo and Gaby Milito.”

So, here is the goal. Transmission courtesy of the very culé radio Rac1.

Original video by jarari