Match Review: FC Barcelona B 1-1 Las Palmas

Match Review: FC Barcelona B 1-1 Las Palmas

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Or so the saying goes.

Try telling that to any of the players, staff and 977 supporters inside the Miniestadi. There was a deluge in Catalonia today.

Barca went into this match on the back of a four game winning streak and the signs were positive as the Blaugrana forced corner after corner, and attacked at every possible opportunity. It was a real surprise that it took until the 35th minute for the first goal to arrive.

Gerard Deulofeu cut in from the edge of the box, gliding past 3 players in the process. A neat one-two with Luis Alberto got Barca’s danger man in behind and he made no mistake, sliding the ball home via the outstretched keepers hand.

Barca led at the break but the single goal was scant reward for their efforts. It would come back to haunt them in the second half.

By the time the players returned to the field, the pitch was saturated and the heavy rain showed no signs of abating. It was clear that the weather was going to have a major bearing on the match and this is where Eusebio’s side showed their inexperience.

Whilst we all enjoy and celebrate the ‘Barca way’, there’s a time and place for tiki taka and this certainly wasnt it. With puddles all over the pitch, the ball slowing continuously, it was obvious to anyone with a degree of intellect the pretty football needed to be dispensed with on this occasion.

The fact that Barça continued to play the same style ultimately proved their undoing.

Even when Chrisantus drew the visitors level on 72 the Blaugrana still stuck faithfully to the only style they know how to play. Thereafter the closest we came to a goal was when Araujo blazed a free kick over in injury time.

The unbeaten run continues but in reality there will be many questions to be answered in the post game review of this performance.

Final score: Barcelona B 1-1 Las Palmas

Starting Lineup:

Barçelona B: Oier Olazabal, Ivan Balliu, David Lomban, Carles Planas, Alejandro Grimaldo, llie Sanchez, Luis Alberto (Kiko Femenía, min 65), Cristian Lobato, Gerard Deulofeu (Sergio Araujo, min 70), Rafinha Alcantara, Jean Marie Dongou (Patric, min 87).

Las Palmas: Barbosa, Pignol, Vicente Gómez, David García, Víctor, Nauzet (Momo, min 67), Thievy, J. Castellano (Hernán, min 75), Javi Guerrero (Chrisantus, min 58), Corrales, Murillo.


1-0 Gerard Deulofeu (min 33)
1-1 Chrisantus (min 72)

This review was written by our Barca B correspondent, Jason Pettigrove. Follow Jason on twitter @jasonpettigrove