Match Review: CD Mirandes 3-0 FC Barcelona B

Match Review: CD Mirandes 3-0 FC Barcelona B

A game conditioned by intense rainfall in Miranda de Ebro, the blaugrana reserves began the day in timid fashion, having reached Anduva after beating Huesca 3-1 last Wednesday.

From the very first minute, Eusebio Sacristan’s pupils tried to deploy their style, with the ends wide open and two very sharp wingers, much like the first team, but without creating any danger in the final third.

For their part, Mirandes, who took to the field with two strikers and pressured in two different lines, went for a much more direct approach compared to the patient approach from Barcelona.

Thus came the first warning of the evening. In 14th minute, their winger Alain, impressive on the night, crossed from the baseline and striker Iribas missed the net by very little. The first real chance of the game.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona midfielders could not impose their authority on the game and clearly could not connect with Deulofeu, the most active of Eusebio’s pupils throughout the match.

Chances kept falling for Mirandés until the 30th minute, when a good pass by Muneta met Iribas at the far post, who faked the shot to wrongfoot our left back Lobato and put the ball past Oier and into the net.

After the goal, which Mirandes would have felt as a lifeline after their recent string of poor results, Barça B attempted to reply, mainly through Deulofeu, who was given one chance from outside the box, and two dangerous free kick opportunities but could not capitalise on any.

With the score at 1-0, and the feeling of going behind against a good Mirandés side, Eusebio’s side left for the locker room with the need to clean up their image in the second half.

And Eusebio’s talk in the locker room seemed to work for a while, as Barça B took to the field looking like a different side, dominating the game and approaching the final third with more clarity.

However, Mirandés would hit them again 12 minutes into the second half. In the 57th minute, Diaz de Cerio finished off a corner with a well placed header and made it 2-0 for the home side.

The goal seemed to have really shaken the blaugrana side, who began to see the game slip from their hands, despite the changes introduced by Eusebio. Just 8 minutes later, Diaz de Cerio, the best player on the pitch, took advantage of a mistake by centre-back David Lombán, and put the final nail in the coffin.

From that point, the game was dying slowly, and even though both sides had several opportunities, none reached the target. In the end, a 3-0 loss for the Barça reserves complicates their fight for a top place in the Segunda and allows Mirandés some breathing room in the table.

Final Score: Mirandes 3-0 Barcelona B


Mirandés: Goitia; Garmendia, Caneda, Aitor Blanco, Corral; Iribas (Bernal, min.52), Martins, Iván Agustín, Muneta; Alain (Javi Soria, min.83), Díaz de Cerio (Rayco, min.68).

Barçelona B: Oier Olazabal; Patricio Gabarron, Sergi Gómez, David Lombán, Cristian Lobato; Ilie Sanchez, Sergi Roberto (Javier Espinosa, min.64), Rafinha Alcantara; Gerard Deulofeu, Joan Angel Román (Jean Marie Dongou, min.52), Sergio Araujo (Luis Alberto, min.46).


1-0 Iribas (30′ mins)
2-0 Díaz de Cerio (57′ mins)
3-0 Díaz de Cerio (65′ mins)