Is Pep bound for England?

Is Pep bound for England?

Rumors are swirling in Spain about the likelihood that Pep Guardiola will accept a job next season managing a top Premiership team. And while no concrete declarations have emerged from Pep’s camp, some signs point to the man’s impatience to return to the limelight.

We do know that Guardiola returned from New York to Barcelona in December, ostensibly to visit his family in Santpedor. But he also took advantage of the moment to consult with his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, with the goal of clarifying his future plans. Guardiola has never been coy about his inevitable return to coaching; what has remained elusive are more concrete scenarios for his return to the game.

Now, reports in Mundo Deportivo, as well as rumors started by football gossip-king Guillem Balague, point to London or Manchester as Guardiola’s most likely destination. Mundo Deportivo narrows the possibilities to three clubs: Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

At this point this is all idle speculation. But we have another week until the restart of La Liga so indulge us with your opinions in the comments: if you had to chose between these three EPL teams, where would you like to see Pep end up? If you could choose any team for Guardiola to coach, which one would it be?