Injury Update – Puyol planning early return

Injury Update – Puyol planning early return

No surprises here, FC Barcelona defender Carles Puyol (34) intends on making his return to action faster than the initial 8 week diagnosis.  Puyol has made speedy recovery more routine than miraculous over the years, and it is being reported that the club captain is working extremely diligently with the assistance of cutting edge rehabilitation techniques to be back as soon as possible.  Puyol is apparently setting the goal at a 5 week recovery.

Puyol wants to do everything he can to return and help alleviate the defense issues the squad is currently suffering.  He feels the only way he can truly help the team is on the pitch.  Like he tweeted earlier this week, “This footballer is giving 100% with the objective of being soon side by side with his teammates”.

Doctors at the club have explained that his feats of rapid recovery are a function of his mentality.  Puyol has had experience with almost every type of injury and subsequent recovery and through experience has learned that the best way to tackle them is with a positive attitude.

If his ambitious plan works out, he will be back for the match on 10/11 November versus Mallorca.

Source: Sport; Image: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)