Graham Hunter: “Dongou should get first-team action within the next year”

Graham Hunter: “Dongou should get first-team action within the next year”

totalBarça readers will remember that Graham Hunter, author of the fabulous Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World, in an interview to the site had singled out 16-year-old striker Jean Marie Dongou as a bright star of the game. Said Hunter, “I saw Messi at sixteen but Dongou from Cameroon is the best footballer at sixteen I’ve ever seen in my life.” In a piece for the Australian publication The Age, the writer based in Barcelona explains why he believes that Dongou makes a fine prospect for Barcelona and a nightmare for the defenders . You can read the complete article here. Excerpts from the piece after the jump.

Dongou, small and Mike Tyson-powerful, is without question the most awe-inspiring player I have ever seen at his age. When I witnessed Messi at the same stage of his development, it later transpired that he was a little bit sulky at being forced to play on the wing in the game I went to watch and, consequently, I came away unimpressed.

But having watched Dongou for several months – aged both 15 and 16 – I have to warn the next couple of generations of defenders that they should start having nightmares now just to get in practice.

The Cameroon-born striker has the low centre of gravity that made Romario so hard to contain, the ability to calculate an acute angle of snooker champion proportions, and an explosive eruption of pace reminiscent of a cobra’s head darting forward to attack.”

Source: The Age