Cesc: “This could be a good year”

Cesc: “This could be a good year”

Before the match against Dinamo, Cesc Fábregas answered some questions from the press, showing a high level of self criticism when discussing how he can improve his game this season. He also elaborated on how he is working with Tito Vilanova and the staff to return to his best game, the one that blew cules’ minds when he first joined the team.

As Mundo Deportivo reports, Cesc is eager to start the season and become the impressive debutant that he was around this time last year. The paper remembers that Tito and Cesc first met when the kid from Arenys de Mar was playing for Barça’s younger divisions.

Cesc begins by mentioning that “Tito has told me that I have to play the way I know how to. During the preseason I have noticed the difference, I am not playing too static as a left interior as I was before. My game involves getting near the goal, coming back to the midfield, associating with the other interior (probably Iniesta) and with Leo… I am feeling comfortable this season. I want to use my ability to move around the attacking line, something I have done since I was a kid. And Tito has known me since I was a kid.”

Cesc remembers that last season “I didn’t get some things about our system. I was comming from a different kind of football, so it wasn’t easy to get used to the game. The last months of the season I was situated as a left interior, but I didn’t have much of that mobility that I have always had in my game. I need to keep moving. Tito knows that, he knows how to get the best out of me and so do I. I need to recover that quality for the benefit of the team.”

Last season a change was evident in Cesc, from an explosive start to a second part where he didn’t contribute to the team as much as he had at first. The change was not only in terms of scoring, but also in his playing. He stopped being as determined, as he was during the first part of the season. What happened to create the change? Cesc has the answer and he only points at himself. “It was my fault, I tried to fit in as much as I could… I tried to be like them, but I am not Xavi, Iniesta, or Thiago, I am a different player, and need more movement. I don’t have to be anarchic and made pointless runs from one place to another, I can be in my position, helping Leo, Xavi and Andrés, but adding movement, and being once again that kind of player that also gets into the scoring, like I was in England. Maybe I got stuck trying to be someone I am not, and that played against my efforts,” reflected Cesc.

However, Cesc is not dissapointed with his first season at Barça, on the contrary, he said, “I am satisfied, the stats show I had a good season, despite that there are some people that do not believe so. In the last four months I kind of blocked myself a bit. It would have probably been better to end the season well as people usually remember the last games more, but I still think it was a good first season. If Barça signed me it was because of my game. The confidence I have in myself won’t go away.”

Cesc’s struggles within this team show just how difficult it is to make it at Barça. Even being a “canterano”, a player that knew Barça’s philosophy from a young age, he is still adjusting and adapting to the team, despite being a world class midfielder. It is that difficult to be an undisputable starter in Tito’s team.

Finally, Cesc was asked about the new coach, saying some things that are important to take note of: “Tito has a lot of character as a coach, a lot more than people think. He will help us tremendously, as he knows a lot about football and tactics, and we have to return this with sacrifice, giving our best, being disciplined and playing the way he wants us to perform. If we help each other and work as a team, I think this could be a good season.”

We  hope so too, and with players like Cesc, we will certainly achieve the high hopes we have for this season.

Source: Mundo Deportivo; Image: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images