Blaugrana Library: Iniesta and Xavi

Blaugrana Library: Iniesta and Xavi

Welcome to our brand new series, Blaugrana Library. We want to share with you good books about FC Barcelona and its players, coaches and tactics. In each post we will share with you books that totalBarça’s contributors have already read and would like to recommend. In the very first part we will take a closer look at books concerning two players: Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernández.

Un año en el paraíso. Mi diario del triplete  (Spanish), 2009

[A Year in Paradise: My diary of the triplete]

by Andrés Iniesta, Sique Rodríguez Gairí and Dani Senabre

Other languages: Un any al paradis (Catalan), Rok w raju (Polish), Cennette Bir Yıl (Turkish)

In this book, FC Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta shares his memories from the 2008-09 season. Iniesta begins his book with the goal at Stamford Bridge, one of the most memorable goals in recent years. Andres describes various games, his good and bad moments, injuries, pain, joy, funny stories from that year that changed the history of Barça. He shares his  opinion on many different topics, including his favourite music, Crackovia, and the atmosphere created by the media. By describing such details, Iniesta helps us to travel back in time through the incredible season of the treble. Andres also gives us a glimpse of the dressing room, training sessions at the Ciutat Esportiva, matches at the Camp Nou, and he also is our guide at the stand-out matches of the year, including the Santiago Bernabeu during the 2-6 victory, Stamford Bridge, and the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Iniesta’s inside view and his player’s perspective gives us more detailed knowledge about the unforgettable year. These images from the pitches of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, London and Rome that we all know and cherish become even more colorful thanks to Andres’ insight. Iniesta brings back great memories and lets us see for a while through his eyes. He wrote this book with his own style, very simple, very humble, just like Andres himself. Fans of the Pale Knight of Fuentealbilla won’t regret reading this book.

Mi vida es el Barça (Spanish), 2009

[My life is Barça]

by Xavi Hernandéz and Javier Miguel,

 Other languages: Barςa moim życiem (Polish)

Xavi has the incredible gift of seeing even tiny details which he uses to great advantage during games. Outside of the pitch, he becomes just one more football fan, or stated in another way, he is mad about the beautiful game. If you have read interviews with this player you already know what I’m describing. His inside perspective and gift of analysis is the perfect starting point for his tales. Xavi, in his book written in 2009, shares his philosophy of life, football, and his vision of Barςa. We start a journey with Xavi as a little boy (always with a ball nearby) with big dreams. Together we follow his steps from childhood, when he played with his brothers and father, through his adventures in Terrassa and Barςa’s youth teams. Finally we can admire his debut in the first team and all the years that led to his top class performances in the blaugrana shirt. He grows from a little boy to a football legend in less than 180 pages.

Xavi’s brilliant remarks on different topics are sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, which makes this book even more interesting. If you want to discover Xavi’s world this is the book for you. Reading it is a pleasure for every cule.