Live Match Chat: Real Betis vs FC Barcelona

Live Match Chat: Real Betis vs FC Barcelona

totalBarça welcomes you all to the Liga game between Real Betis and FC Barcelona.

(Sunday December 9, 2012 @ 21:00 Barcelona time – Convert to local time)

To chat,use the mibbit link here:
From the server dropdown select: SynIRC
Enter a nickname of your choice, type the channel name as #fcbarcelona and hit “Connect”

Have you ever sat in front of your TV or computer while you were watching a FC Barcelona game and hoped you could share your excitement, feelings, and opinions with other fans LIVE as it happens?

We are proud to present you the FC Barcelona Match Chat. You will be able to communicate before, during and after the match. The chat will be available before and after the match.


P2P Name Lang Type Kbps Play
NO VipRacing2 es Ustream 432 (stable) Watch
NO bet365 Streaming Web (Flash) 575 (stable) Watch
NO Osihto-TV 2 es Ucaster 300 (stable) Watch
NO Capo Deportes es Veemi 300 (stable) Watch
NO Bilbainita1 en Jimey 300 (stable) Watch
NO Deporte Plus es Liveview3 300 (stable) Watch
NO Onda Sport 2 es Fcast 296 (stable) Watch
NO Vertigo Sports 8 es Mips 350 (stable) Watch
NO Bilbainita2 en Ustream 350 (stable) Watch
NO Bilbainita en Ustream 2100 Watch
NO Vertigo Sports 1 es Ustream 2028 Watch
NO Portal Sports 1 es Ustream 2020 Watch
P2P morvieltv ua SopCast 2000 Watch
NO Depormania es Ustream 2000 Watch
P2P ArenaVision es Sopcast 2000 Watch
NO Onda Sport 3 es Ucaster 1950 Watch
NO ZonaSports es Mips 1864 Watch
NO Capo Deportes 3 es Yocast 1470 Watch
P2P BolleBal 1 nl Torrentstream 1451 Watch
NO Doble penalti2 es Ustream 1128 Watch
NO Onda Sport es Fcast 1096 Watch
NO maxdepor tv3 es Ustream 1096 Watch
P2P DIGI SPORT 1 ro SopCast 1089 Watch
NO VipRacing4 es Ustream 1064 Watch
NO futbol tv 02 es Ustream 1000 Watch
NO futbolarg es Mips 900 Watch
NO Vertigo Sports 9 es Ucaster 860 Watch
P2P Roni Deportes es Veetle 850 Watch
NO todo-futbo es Ustream 650 Watch
NO futbolarg es Veemi 600 Watch
NO futbolarg es Jimey 600 Watch
NO Onda Sport 4 es Fcast 600 Watch
NO AFC Deportes 2 es Ucaster 600 Watch
NO bet365 Streaming Web (Flash) 575 Watch
NO VipRacing5 es Mips 564 Watch
NO VipRacing2 es Ustream 432 Watch
NO Deportodo 3 es Ucaster 400 Watch
NO futbol tv 05 es Liveflash 353 Watch
NO Capo Deportes 2 es Ustream 352 Watch
NO TucoSports 7 es Ustream 350 Watch
NO Vertigo Sports 8 es Mips 350 Watch
NO Millox TV5 es Yocast 350 Watch
NO K-OZReload 1 es Fcast 350 Watch
NO Megalivestream2 fr Ucaster 350 Watch
NO Millox TV3 es Liveflash 350 Watch
NO TribunaTV 4 es Ucaster 350 Watch
NO TribunaTV 6 es Ustream 350 Watch
NO TribunaTV 8 es Ustream 350 Watch
NO FenixCast es Ucaster 320 Watch
NO Portal Sports 4 es Yocast 320 Watch
NO Osihto-TV 1 es Veemi 300 Watch
NO Doble penalti es Ustream 300 Watch
NO Libero Sports 3 es Veemi 290 Watch
NO maxdepor tv5 es Ucaster 232 Watch
NO Libero Sports 1 es Ucaster 210 Watch
NO sports24u 1 en Veemi 180 Watch
NO p2pfun en Ucaster 180 Watch
NO sports24u 2 en Jimey 170 Watch
NO sportstv 1 en Yocast 160 Watch
NO Streamtvs ar Web (flash) 150 Watch
NO lbcasting 1 en Fcast 150 Watch
NO lbcasting 4 ar Mips 150 Watch
NO Libero Sports 2 es Mips 110 Watch